Assemblyman Cusick
— working to improve our schools

Assemblyman Cusick knows our children can’t wait for a quality education — they need good schools today

Governor’s missed deadlines mean missed opportunities

We face a July 30 deadline to satisfy a court ruling requiring the state to provide children with a sound, basic education. Yet, the governor has repeatedly dragged his feet to find a solution to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity ruling by:

  • Waging a $12 million legal battle to argue – unsuccessfully – that an eighth grade education is enough
  • Waiting two months after the court’s June 26, 2003 ruling to appoint yet another commission to study education funding issues
  • Setting a March 1 deadline for the commission’s report, well after the date required to present his budget
  • Allowing the commission to postpone a release of its report until just two days before the April 1 budget deadline
Seizing the moment for our students

Right now, we have an opportunity and a moral obligation to take care of New York’s struggling school districts. Assemblyman Cusick will fight to find a solution to the CFE decision that:

  • Invests in smaller classes and quality early education programs
  • Helps our children meet higher academic standards
  • Provides teachers with the tools to maintain safe, civil classrooms

Our Kids Deserve Better

Results from the Spring 2003 reading and mathematics exams for New York’s elementary and middle school students show our kids need help now. The New York City Department of Education reports that:

  • Only 41.1 percent of elementary and middle school students meet or exceed standards on state and city reading exams
  • Only 41.9 percent of elementary and middle school students meet or exceed standards on state and city math exams

While the governor drags his feet on education reform, New York’s kids suffer. Every year of inadequate education is a year they will never get back – our kids don’t have time to waste!

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