Assemblyman Michael J. Cusick
Working to make your commute easier

Making reliable transportation for Staten Island a priority

Fighting to keep the South Ferry subway project on track

On June 22, the Assembly passed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Cusick freeing up a small amount of parkland around the South Ferry station to allow for reconstruction of its treacherous approach tunnel (A.11662). Cusick knows Staten Island commuters have been living with the station’s hazardous conditions for far too long. He fought to ensure that the $400 million plan to overhaul the station is no longer delayed. Now that the measure has also passed the Senate, commuters can look forward to a safe, dependable subway station.

Protecting Staten Island bus commuters

To ensure Staten Island working families have the same access to mass transportation that other New York City borough residents enjoy, Cusick sponsored legislation to prevent the Metropolitan Transportation Authority from shutting down one of the South Shore’s most valuable transportation options. His legislation would ensure continued bus service between the South Shore and Midtown Manhattan (A.11626).

Providing more support for people with disabilities

Cusick assembled the Handicap Parking Task Force to address complaints about the misuse of permits and lack of enforcement, and to educate the public about the importance of keeping handicap parking available for those who really need it. The New York Police Department, Center for Independent Living and Department of Transportation have joined him in tackling this important quality of life issue.

Improving ferry safety for Staten Island families

To prevent another needless accident like the Andrew J. Barberi ferry crash, Cusick sponsored the “Ferry Protection Act of 2004” (A.9511). His legislation protects the safety and well-being of Staten Island families and tourists by requiring at least two people with valid licenses to be within the operational pilothouse during docking, and mandating that the master and at least one additional licensed operator be within the inshore pilothouse.

Highlights of the plan to renovate the South Ferry station include:

  • Adding more exits, increasing commuter safety
  • Making the station handicap-accessible
  • Allowing the terminal to accommodate a full train, permitting riders to safely enter and exit the train
  • Helping increase the capacity of the 1 and 9 lines, dramatically improving service

Assemblyman Michael J. Cusick
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