Michael Cusick continues effort to open up state government in 2006

Reforming state government and getting results...
2005 - A year of reform

Meeting in open conference committees last year, the Assembly and Senate delivered the first on-time budget in two decades. The Assembly also passed several important new laws opening government and improving the way Albany does business.

Assemblyman Cusick sponsored reform legislation that closes lobbying loopholes and helps assure taxpayers that their money is being spent on legitimate and cost-effective projects (Ch. 1 of 2005). Cusick also helped push through legislation - already signed into law by the governor - that will:

  • close a loophole that allows state and legislative employees to escape an ethics investigation by simply leaving their jobs (Ch. 165 of 2005)

  • improve oversight of state public authorities, including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, by creating a new code of conduct for public authorities, a new public authorities office that reports to the governor and Legislature with specific information on their operations and activities, and an independent inspector general to ensure accountability for authority-related activities and operations (Ch. 766 of 2005)

  • strengthen New York’s Freedom of Information Law and bring greater accountability to government by requiring timely responses to FOIL requests (Ch. 22 of 2005)

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Live from Albany!

Assemblyman Cusick also fought to televise New York’s legislative proceedings - bringing openness to Albany and helping Staten Island residents stay informed. Much like C-SPAN, unedited gavel-to-gavel coverage of both the Senate and Assembly is now being broadcast live on Time Warner Cable Channel 159.

Conference committee meetings, information about legislators, and budget hearings will also be aired - bringing state government into the living rooms of New Yorkers. Live coverage of sessions is also available via the Internet.

Also, look for Assemblyman Cusick’s weekly Assembly TV show which airs every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on Time Warner Cable Channel 34.

Pushing for more reform in 2006

In 2006, Assemblyman Cusick will continue to fight for openness and reform. This session he will push legislation to:

  • permanently fix the budget process, helping to ensure that New Yorkers receive an on-time budget EVERY year

  • reform the way that campaigns are financed in New York State (A.4)

  • require all public information to be accessible via the Internet (A.6036)

  • increase voter participation by removing the ten day registration requirement (A.9227)

Cusick has also sponsored legislation that would require additional reporting guidelines for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s annual financial statements, and when the authority proposes fare and toll increases (A.2932). This measure would expose funds that were hidden in the past from the public.

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