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Michael J. Cusick


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  • The disabled population faces an outdated transportation infrastructure on Staten Island, the fastest growing borough in New York City

  • While the number of cars in Staten Island continually increases, the number of handicapped parking spots does not

  • Disabled individuals often confront rude, able-bodied drivers and find themselves competing for the few parking spaces that are rightfully theirs



“Handicapped parking should be available to those who need it. The Staten Island Handicapped Parking Task Force works to improve our community.”

—Michael Cusick

Education campaign

Understanding the barriers the disabled face when they need a parking space for work or errands, fosters consideration. Teaching this awareness to youngsters helps instill this courtesy for a lifetime. Assemblyman Cusick sponsored a contest in May for Disabilities Awareness Month in grades K-3 and an essay contest in grades 4-6, on the topic “What disability means to me?” to educate kids about living with disabilities.

Additional advocacy includes:

  • Speaking to students in high school driver education courses about the importance of courtesy

  • Including information on handicapped parking in driver education manuals

  • Providing handicapped parking brochures at the DMV

  • Adding questions about handicapped parking regulations on the driver education test


Legislation to curb fraudulent permit use helps enforce handicapped parking regulations. At the task force’s recommendation, Assemblyman Cusick authored legislation to prevent able-bodied people from using parking spaces designated for handicapped motorists (A.2147-A). The bill, which passed the Assembly:

Requires the last three numbers of a person’s driver’s license ID or non-driver identification card to be included on handicapped parking permits.



Assemblyman Michael Cusick started the Handicapped Parking Task Force in 2003 to better enforce handicapped parking restrictions, improve disabled parking permit regulations and increase handicapped parking on Staten Island.


  • Staten Island Center for Independent Living

  • NYPD

  • Staten Island Chamber of Commerce

  • Police Partnership for a Better New York

  • NYC Department of Transportation

Assemblyman Michael Cusick

Assemblyman Michael Cusick
Chair, Staten Island Handicapped Parking Task Force

1911 Richmond Avenue • Staten Island, NY 10314
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