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Assemblyman Michael Cusick is reminding you to apply for the new Empire State Child Tax Credit

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Claim for Empire State Child Care Credit
Assemblyman Cusick is reminding parents to apply for the tax credit when filing their state income taxes this year.
Who can apply for the Empire State Child Tax Credit?
  • You must be a New York State resident for a full year
  • You must claim a federal child tax credit or meet certain income thresholds
  • Your children must have been at least 4 and less than 17 years old on December 31, 2006
How do you apply? Cusick fights for more tax relief

Because Assemblyman Cusick knows the high costs of child care and other household expenses are squeezing middle-class families, he will fight to increase the Empire State Child Tax Credit to $1,000 and apply it to everyone with a child under 17.

Governor Spitzer’s proposed budget contains the middle-class STAR program, targeting relief to those who need it most.

According to the governor, Richmond County homeowners see a current STAR savings of $212. Under the proposed middle-class STAR program, those earning under $80,000 will see an average savings of $382. The tax cut also provides an increased Personal Income Tax benefit of $70 for married individuals filing joint returns and $35 for all others.

Advisory: Many people want their refund quickly. However, Assemblyman Cusick is urging consumers not to turn to refund anticipation loans (RALs) to receive all or part of their refund a few weeks earlier than expected. RALs are not tax refunds, they are short-term loans against the taxpayers’ anticipated refunds and many tax services charge exorbitant interest rates for them. Tax preparation companies that promote these loans often prey on the poor and convince consumers to borrow against their own money.

If you file electronically, you can receive your refund quickly and not pay interest rates or other fees. For information, visit the Internal Revenue Service site at or the State Department of Taxation and Finance at

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