Michael Cusick

Committed to keeping Staten Island safe from sexual predators

Job number one is protecting our children
Assemblyman Cusick is working to keep our families safe

A tough civil commitment law to keep predators off our streets

photo Recently, the Legislature and governor came together to create a civil commitment law in New York (Ch. 7 of 2007). This new law will help keep the most dangerous sexual predators off our streets even after they finish their prison terms. The new law:
  • Empowers the Attorney General to seek civil commitment of sex offenders determined to suffer from a mental abnormality

  • Requires treatments to reduce recidivism

  • Reviews civil confinement status annually by the courts

Longer sentences for convicted sex offenders

Additionally, the law toughens penalties for sex offenders by:

  • Eliminating the option of parole for felony sex offenses

  • Providing long-term, post-release supervision for those convicted of sex felonies

  • Moving five crimes into the "violent crime" category, including 2nd degree rape and 4th degree aggravated sexual abuse

  • Creating the crime of "Sexually Motivated Felony" in cases where certain other crimes, like burglary or robbery, are committed for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator

Continuing the fight for stronger sex crime laws

Assemblyman Cusick recognizes that even with civil commitment we need tougher laws to prevent sex crimes and punish those who commit these monstrous acts. That’s why he supports measures to crack down on sex predators who target children, including:

  • Creating a new felony crime of "luring" a child under the age of 14 for the purpose of committing a violent crime (A.1668, passed Assembly)

  • Creating criminal penalties for the dissemination of descriptions of nudity to children to solicit the child through the Internet - closing a loophole in current law (Ch. 8 of 2007)

Other tough sex offender legislation Assemblyman Cusick is sponsoring includes:

  • Requiring police officers to visit the residence of any sex offender who failed to file a required verification form and obtain a signed form from the offender (A.1179, passed Assembly)

  • Requiring the electronic monitoring or global positioning (GPS) tracking of Level 3 sex offenders whose crimes involved minors (A.3581)

Internet Safety Tips
Teach Children to Remember the 4 R’s...
  • Recognize techniques used by online predators to deceive their victims.

  • Refuse requests for personal information.

  • Respond assertively if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation while online. Exit the program, log off or turn off the computer.

  • Report any suspicious or dangerous contact that makes you uncomfortable to law enforcement authorities.

Web Wise
  1. Learn everything you can about computers, the Internet and related technology.

  2. Communicate with your children about your concerns and expectations, and understand their needs.

  3. Place the computer in a "well-trafficked" area, not a child’s bedroom or a secluded area.

  4. Ensure your child does not divulge detailed personal information when completing "profiles."

  5. Keep ALL accounts in your name.

  6. Know your child’s password(s) and screen name(s) and ensure they do not provide identifying information.

  7. Consider using Computer/Internet Management Software.

  8. Periodically review Internet bookmarks, history files, temporary Internet files and keyword searches. Also, be cognizant that a child may be hiding inappropriate communications if you find that history, keyword or temporary Internet files are cleared.

* All information on Operation Safe Child as well as online tips is from the DCJS Web site

To access the New York State Sex Offender Registry, call toll-free (800) 262-3257 or visit

"We must keep our families safe from sexual predators. The 2007 civil commitment law, which I helped pass, will help ensure that dangerous criminals stay out of our communities, off our streets and away from our children."

Assemblyman Michael Cusick

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