Assemblyman Cusick wins battle for Staten Island

Assemblyman Michael Cusick spearheaded the creation of the 13th Judicial District - and independence for Staten Island’s court system For years, Staten Islanders fought for parity in the state Supreme Court system. Now, as of Jan. 1, 2009, the borough will stand as its own judicial district, separate from Brooklyn. This means local judges will preside over local cases and the creation of more judgeships on Staten Island to handle to ever-increasing caseloads.
"Additional judges, home-grown judges-finally Staten Islanders will have a real choice over who will serve as justices in their own borough. This is a historic moment for Staten Island-one that we worked long and hard for-and I look forward to seeing Islanders embrace their new independence."
- Assemblyman Michael Cusick
Michael J. Cusick
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