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Dear Small Business Owner,

Much attention is given to New York City as home to hundreds of corporations and larger businesses. While these enterprises are certainly important to the city as a whole, it is the city’s small businesses that give character to individual neighborhoods and meet the everyday needs of residents.

But too often, the needs of larger businesses overshadow those of smaller, independently-owned ones. This leaves many small business owners struggling to maintain their profitability and survive amidst escalating rents and other changes.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help. This pamphlet outlines both government and non-government assistance for small business owners, from low-interest, government-backed loans to grants for business facade improvements, and from marketing assistance to one-on-one mentoring and problem-solving. I hope that you will explore, and ultimately benefit from, some of these programs described in this brochure.

It is clear that much more needs to be done to help small business owners. While I have supported past initiatives to assist small businesses, my office has been looking even more closely at what assistance is most needed to ensure the continued vitality of neighborhood businesses. But it is important that you get involved in this effort by sharing your experiences and offering your suggestions and ideas. You may do so by writing, calling or emailing my office.

Finally, for your hard work and important contributions to the fabric of our neighborhood, I thank you and wish you continued success!

Deborah J. Glick


Small business owners might benefit from becoming a member of a business organization. In addition to providing networking opportunities and advocating for business-friendly legislation and policies, these groups provide services and assistance to help their members build and maintain successful businesses.

In addition to those listed elsewhere in this brochure, there are a number of membership organizations which small business owners can join.

Among these are:

  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is a boroughwide business organization that hosts networking meetings, special programs and seminars, publishes a quarterly newsletter and legislative updates and technology assistance (e.g. website development). Annual dues start at $230 for businesses with less than 25 employees. (212) 479-7772

  • Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesses in Greenwich Village and Chelsea that facilitates networking among local businesses and advocates for their interests. Annual dues range from $150-$750 depending upon number of employees. (212) 255-5811 •

  • The Business Council of New York State, Inc. is a statewide membership organization that offers seminars, hosts networking events and publishes updates regarding legislation initiatives affecting businesses. The Council also offers for purchase group life, disability and dental insurance for member businesses. Annual dues start at $300 for businesses with less than 15 employees. (518) 465-7511 •


Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) utilize a special assessment paid by property owners within a specified area to provide supplemental services such as sanitation, promotional programs and neighborhood beautification. To assist businesses in their district, BIDs may offer assistance with façade and streetscape improvement, graffiti removal, seminars and forums on issues of interest to small business owners, and other services.

The Downtown Alliance, for example, provides technical assistance to businesses renewing or considering new leases in the BID’s area, along with help in locating available financial incentives. The BID’s representing portions of my district, along with their contact information, are listed below:

The Downtown Alliance
Lower Manhattan South of Chambers Street.
(212) 732-2407

The Village Alliance
8th Street from 2nd to 6th Avenue; Astor Place;
6th Avenue from West 4th to West 8th Street.
(212) 777-2173

Union Square Partnership
14th Street from 1st to 6th Avenue and the area in and directly opposite Union Square Park.
(212) 460-1208

NoHo New York
Mercer to Lafayette Streets from Astor Place to Houston Street
(212) 677-4579


Community Boards serve as the community’s voice on a host of neighborhood issues and make recommendations regarding applications for liquor, cabaret and outdoor café licenses. In addition to requesting approval from your local Community Board on these matters, your local Board serves as a resource on local issues and assists residents and business owners in addressing their complaints. Each Board meets monthly and provides opportunities to meet other community members, possibly increasing your business’s visibility. Below is contact information for the five Community Boards serving parts of my district, along with the approximate boundaries of each.

Community Board 1
All of Lower Manhattan South of Canal Street
(212) 442-5050

Community Board 2
West of Fourth Avenue from 14th to Canal Street
(212) 979-2272

Community Board 3
East of Fourth Avenue from 14th Street to Brooklyn Bridge
(212) 533-5300

Community Board 4
West of 6th Avenue from 14th to 59th Street
(212) 736-4536

Community Board 5
Between 6th Avenue and Irving Place from 14th to 59th Street
(212) 465-0907


While there are a number of basic tax benefits from which businesses may benefi t, many larger tax credits are often awarded to larger businesses and corporations. However, there are some lesser known tax credits from which small business owners might benefit.

The New York City Department of Small Business Services has an Industrial Relocation Grant Program which provides grants to eligible relocating firms to help cover the cost of relocating within New York City. Grant awards are the least of 90% of eligible moving costs, $4.00 per square foot of the moveout location or a $30,000 grant. You may call (212) 487-3626 for more information.

New York State offers a number of tax credits as well. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program provides a tax credit of up to 5% in the first year for creating new jobs and investing in certain property and equipment. Businesses may also be eligible to receive an additional tax credit of 1.5 to 2.5% in subsequent years through the Employment Incentive Tax Credit (EITC).

The Research and Development Tax Credit is offered to emerging technology businesses with annual sales of $10 million or less. In addition, a credit is available for new investments in emerging technologies.

Finally, a Sales Tax Exemption is available to businesses that make investments in their business by purchasing manufacturing machinery, equipment, property, fuels and utilities, etc. Information on these and other State tax benefi ts is available on the internet at or by phone at (518) 292-5300.


Low-Cost Health Insurance

The Healthy NY program offers state-sponsored, reduced cost health insurance to assist small business owners (50 or fewer employees) in providing their employees and employees’ families with health insurance coverage. The program is also available for purchase directly from Healthy NY by sole proprietors and individuals whose employers do not provide heath insurance. In addition to helping small businesses recruit and retain employees and keep them healthy, significant tax advantages may be available to employers who offer health insurance coverage. You may call or explore the website below for more information about Healthy NY.
(866) 432-5859 •

Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses

Minority or women business owners may benefit by certifying as such with the city, state and/or federal governments. Through certification, businesses can improve their customer base by receiving assistance in winning government contracts and sub-contracts, including being listed in special government directories. In addition, the state program helps in fi nding fi nancial assistance, and the federal program provides a mentor-protégé program. For eligibility guidelines and additional information, you may contact:

New York City’s Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program
(212) 513-6311 •

New York State’s Division of Minority- and Women-Owned Business Development
(also assists in accessing financial assistance)
(212) 803-2414 • (click on “small and growing businesses”)

United States SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program
(212) 264-2734 •

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Sponsor Program/Contact Info. Qualifications Services Offered
NYC Department of Small Business Services Lower Manhattan Business Solutions Center
(212) 618-8914
New and established businesses.
  • Information about starting a business, working with government regulations, selling to the government, obtaining Women and Minority-Owned Business status, etc.
  • Free workshops, professional consulting and referral services.
  • Microloans with 5-8% interest rates.
New York City Division of Business Services
Emergency Response Unit
(212) 618-8810
Businesses that are forced to interrupt their operations due to disasters (e.g. fire, water main ruptures, etc.).
  • ERU helps businesses gain access to their premises, apply for available emergency assistance -- including government programs and private insurance - and reopen as soon as conditions allow.
Empire State Development Corporation Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP)
(212) 947-5351 - Manhattan
(212) 964-2288 x.219 - LES/ Chinatown
New businesses (generally 1-5 years old).
  • Counselors provide referrals and assistance with growth and development (e.g. marketing programs).
  • Training courses on all aspects of business development.
Small Business Division
New and established businesses.
  • Ombudsmen provide general and problem-solving assistance with government agencies.
  • Referral services.
Linked Deposit Program (LDP)
518-292-5261 (“tax and financial incentives”, then “loan discounts”)
Small scale manufacturing and nonpersonal service firms. (e.g. bakery, wholesalers, distributors).
  • 2-3% interest rate subsidies on commercial loans available through designated banks and institutions for businesses working on specified projects.
  • Maximum borrowing amount of $500,000/four years.
Federal Small Business Administration NYS Small Business Development Centers
Pace University location (212) 618-6655
Baruch College location (646) 312-4790
New and established businesses.
  • Counselors provide referrals and information regarding loans, improved profitability, launching a web site, etc.
SBA New York District Office
(212) 264-1450
New and established businesses. Some classes have small fees.
  • Workshops and training events on all aspects of business development.
  • Referral services for loans.
SCORE: Service Corps of Retired Executives (212) 264 4507 Owners and managers of small businesses.
  • Retired small business owners and managers serve as mentors and advisors to current business owners on a wide range of issues.
  • Answers to questions and other support offered via email (access through website).
New York Public Library Science Industry & Business Library
188 Madison Ave @ 34th St.
(212) 592-7000
Open to all. Some classes and services have fees.
  • Large collection of business-related materials, along with reference assistance.
  • Business counseling and classes.


Program/Contact Info. Qualifications Services Offered
(212) 387-0494
New and established businesses, including those under-served by traditional lenders. Application fee for loans is $25.
  • Counseling services at your place of business, including debt management, accounting, referral, and legal services.
  • Outreach events and seminars on cash management, business development, women-owned business issues, etc.
  • Microloans with interest rates ranging from 10.99-17.99%.
Brooklyn Economic Development Corp.
(718) 522-4600 ext.16
New and established businesses in all 5 boroughs.
Fees vary.
  • Referral, consultation, business assessment and planning services.
Grow NYC Fund
(212) 682-1106
Established businesses wanting to expand and underserved by traditional lenders.
  • SBA backed loans with 10 year term limits and a minimum amount of $50,000.
  • Refinancing available.
National Association of Women Business
Owners, New York Chapter
(212) 252-1100
Women business owners. Enrollment fee.
  • Classes and seminars on issues facing women business owners, with an emphasis on established businesses.
  • Qualifies members for discounts on health and dental insurance.
Renaissance Economic Development Corp.
(212) 964-6022
New and established businesses; specializing in Chinese-American owned businesses, but open to all. Varying loan fees; most classes free.
  • Counseling services with professional CPAs, attorneys, insurance and computer technicians.
  • Training classes and workshops on taxes, sales, etc.
  • Microloans with interest rates ranging from 4-8%.
Women’s Venture Fund, Inc. (212) 563-0499 New and established businesses, including those under-served by traditional lenders. Varying fees for classes; $75 loan application fee.
  • Training classes and consultation services regarding all aspects of business development.
  • Microloans with interest rates at prime+2.9%. (currently 9.15%)
  • One-on-one mentoring services offered to loan clients.
ArtBusiness Initiative operated by Seedco/NYC Business Solutions Center
(212) 618-8820
Art-related businesses below 14th Street. Closing fee for microloans.
  • Training and workshops on refi nancing, marketing, planning, etc.
  • Small grants available for workshop participants.
  • Microloans of up to $100,000, with interest rates from 5- 8%.
  • Counseling and referral services.
Garment Industry Development Corp.
(212) 366-6160
Business owners and employees in the garment industry.
  • Links NYC apparel manufacturers with contractors and provides export assistance (tariffs, etc.)
  • Skills training and consulting.
New York Industrial Retention Network
(212) 404-6990
Manufacturing and light manufacturing firms in or looking to move to New York City.
  • Assists in locating appropriate real estate for manufacturing firms.
  • Connects manufacturing firms with other NYC businesses
  • In-depth assistance to food manufacturers (e.g. caterers, bakeries).