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José Rivera

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Keeping our families healthy

This budget crisis made many tough decisions necessary. We cannot afford to place additional strain on our health care system, which is why Assemblyman Rivera fought to restore $1.3 billion in health care cuts, while reforming health care reimbursement, leading to $1.6 billion in savings this year and billions more in future years.

The budget also rejects all proposed changes to the Early Intervention Program (EIP), which offers a variety of free therapeutic and support services to infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays. The changes would have exempted children with certain speech-only delays from participation, and established parental and provider fees for participation, Assemblyman Rivera said.
“With help from the federal stimulus funds we were able to ensure Brooklyn’s families will continue to receive the protections and security of quality, affordable health care in these tough times.”
—Assemblyman Rivera
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