Attention parents:
New booster seat law takes effect Nov. 24
Children underage 8 must use a booster seat

Know the facts
about booster seats
Fact: Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of unintentional injuries and deaths for children 4 to 8 years of age.
Fact: Young children who only use seat belts, rather than booster or child-safety seats, are more likely to suffer life-threatening injuries in a crash, including severe damage to the brain, spleen, liver and spinal cord.
Fact: Booster seats reduce injury risk by 59 percent when compared to children who only use seat belts.
Extending the booster seat
law helps keep our children safe

Booster seats help raise a child up to an adult’s sitting height, making seat belts more effective. Previously, the law required children ages 4-6 to use booster seats; however, most 7-year-old children are not big enough to be adequately secured by a vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt. That’s why, effective Nov. 24, 2009, all children under the age of 8 will be required to sit on a booster seat in a motor vehicle.

“Seat belts are designed to fit adults, not children. Booster seats give our children the support and protection they need to help them stay safe when they are riding in an automobile. This new law could mean the difference between life and death for New York’s young passengers.”
– Assemblyman Rivera
Assemblyman Rivera
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