From Bill to Law:
My Legislative Successes

Year Bill
Law Amended Chapter

1994 10249 Election 163
1994 10487 NYS Printing & Public Documents 136
1995 1401 Environmental Conservation 225
1995 1502 Real Property 90
1995 2352 General Business 381
1995 4814 Election 340
1995 5975 Mental Hygiene 686
1995 6804 Mental Hygiene 118
1996 11084 Highway Law 394
1997 2164 Private Housing Finance 182
1997 6488 Surrogate's Court Procedure Act 87
1997 7899 Election 129
1998 1829 Criminal Procedure 360
1998 8534 Public Authorities 371
1999 2899 Environmental Conservation 230
1999 8125 Environmental Conservation 364
2000 3385 Vehicle and Traffic 287
2000 10242 Mental Hygiene 595
2000 10407 Environmental Conservation 436
2001 1199 Vehicle and Traffic 402
2001 9162 Education 98
2002 1154 Mental Hygiene 255
2002 1854 General Business 530
2002 8746 Vehicle and Traffic 544
2002 11427 Highway Law 523

Description of Law

(Chap. 163 of 1994) Extends time that certain papers must be retained by Board of Elections so as to conform with Federal standards

(Chap. 136 of 1994) Provides that the gifts and exchange division of the state library issue an annual reminder to the public information officer of each state agency regarding the responsibilities of such agencies

(Chap. 225 of 1995) Adds territory in Bronx & NY counties to the Hudson River Valley Greenway and adds 4 additional members to the Governor's council on the Greenway

(Chap. 90 of 1995) Allows Tenants' groups to meet in community rooms without the payment of a fee

(Chap. 381 of 1995) Requires Home improvement contract to give consumers notice that contractors, subcontractors, and materialmen may have liens against them in the event of non-payment

(Chap. 340 of 1995) Prohibits certain candidates from being voting machine technicians and prohibits their family from being election inspectors

(Chap. 686 of 1995) Provides that no member may serve as President of a hospital Board of Visitors for more than two consecutive years

(Chap. 118 of 1995) Extends the authority of the commission of quality care of the mentally disabled to contract with dispute resolution centers

(Chap. 394 of 1996) Makes provisions relating to the filing of appropriate maps

(Chap. 182 of 1997) Raises from 5,000 to 15,000 the exemption on the amount that a secondary wage earns in consideration of eligibility for limited dividend housing

(Chap. 87 of 1997) Provides for the use of a citation when objections are filed to the probate of a will

(Chap. 129 of 1997) Makes false statements realting to election petitions by notaries public and commissioners of deeds a misdemeanor

(Chap. 360 of 1998) Provides that the electronic transmission of a sworn statement may be used before a grand jury

(Chap. 371 of 1998) Authorizes the construction and financing of facilities by the dormitory authority for the NYS Rehabilitation Association

(Chap. 230 of 1999) Allows DEC to revoke license to hunt, trap, or fish for people who take game from motor vehicles

(Chap. 364 of 1999) Removes requirements applying to small dams and redefines requirements of larger structures

(Chap. 287 of 2000) Extends penalties for repeat DWI to drivers who commit DWI out of the state as well

(Chap. 425 of 2000) Changes the list of who may have blank, duplicate, or key making equipment from a specified group to all people who have no intent to use such equipment unlawfully

(Chap. 595 of 2000) Makes a technical correction in the Mental Hygiene Law in relation to the definition of the term "director of community services"

(Chap. 436 of 2000) Corrects the provisions cited in the previous applicable law relating to the revocation of a license to hunt, trap, or fish

(Chap. 402 of 2001) Mandates the use of helmets while operating a scooter

(Chap. 98 of 2001) Extends Law allowing political subdivisions to donate surplus computer equipment to schools and non-profit organizations

(Chap. 255 of 2002) Includes Familial Dysautonomia in the Definition of a developmental disability

(Chap. 530 of 2002) Prohibits the sale of Children's Clothing with Drawstrings

(Chap. 544 of 2002) Allows veteran's Identification cards to be presented as proof of identity or age when making an application for a Driver's License or non-Driver ID card

(Chap. 523 of 2002) Designates a Portion of the state highway system in the borough of the Bronx as "The Bronx Veterans' Memorial Highway"