Jeffrey Dinowitz

announces an
8.875% Sales Tax Break
on Clothing and Shoes in NYC
Beginning April 1, 2012

Starting April 1, 2012, clothing, footwear and related items that are sold for less than $110 each are exempt from the state’s 4% sales tax! Combined with the NYC exemption, shoppers will see a total of 8.875% savings!
**The 3/8% MTA sales tax is also exempted.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz
Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz
3107 Kingsbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10463 | 718-796-5345 |
“This savings is good news for hardworking families and local businesses – and it can’t come at a better time. It will provide relief at the cash register for shoppers, giving them more buying power.” – Assemblyman Dinowitz