Assemblyman Michael Benedetto:

Fighting to put the brakes on the MTA’s closed-door policies


Assemblyman Benedetto: Reining in New York’s public authorities photo

The Assembly and Senate recently passed legislation to hold public authorities like the MTA accountable to New Yorkers. Assemblyman Benedetto urges the governor to sign this vital legislation into law. The bill would:

  • Create an inspector general with jurisdiction over authorities - and a fixed term and salary to help ensure independence - to make sure authorities are given the kind of oversight they’ve lacked

  • Create the Authority Budget Office to review the finances of public authorities

  • Mandate training for authority board members, strengthen ethics, and prohibit authority executives from sitting on the boards

  • Improve standards for independent audits of authority spending

  • Establish new rules to regulate the sale of authority property

The MTA’s long history of mismanagement photo

According to figures from a 2002 Federal Transit Authority report, New York City commuters pay a higher share of the costs of running a transportation system - 53 percent - than any other city in the country. And the problem is getting worse, as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has increased fares twice this year already.

We have seen the effects of public authorities going unchecked. In 2003 the MTA was found to be keeping two accounting books - hiding more than $500 million from New Yorkers. Additionally, many New Yorkers were outraged to learn that former U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato was paid $500,000 to simply make a phone call to the MTA on a real estate developer’s behalf.

It is clear that as a state authority, the MTA has very little accountability to New Yorkers. It is time for Albany to implement serious reform of the MTA and other public authorities to protect our working families’ hard-earned money.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the MTA

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Bus stop in Harlem?

There is currently no Harlem bus stop on the express bus line. This forces many commuters to have to backtrack from 84th Street to get home. If you support a new Harlem bus stop, please sign and return this form to help Assemblyman Benedetto convince officials to create the new stop.


Assemblyman Benedetto
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