Their only worry should be what flavor to order....

ice cream truck
Not who’s behind the wheel
Michael Benedetto knows sex offenders should not operate ice cream trucks

There is nothing more tempting to children of all ages than the sound of an ice cream truck coming down the street. Assemblyman Benedetto believes that moments like this should be a protected rite of childhood. That’s why he supported legislation that prohibits sexual predators from driving ice cream trucks and other vehicles where the job brings them into close contact with children (A.2550, awaiting governor’s signature).

Did you know...

There are
sexual predators registered in the 82nd Assembly District.

To learn more, visit the New York State Sex Offender Registry online at
or contact the 45th police precinct at (718) 822-5411.

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Dear Friend:

I believe that no crime is more heinous than one that robs children of their innocence. When the safety of our children is at stake, we must do all we can to protect them. That’s why I have been working in the Assembly to pass tougher measures against sex predators.

This past session, the Assembly and Senate passed a series of measures to protect our communities - from prohibiting sex offenders from living near schools to banning them from receiving sexual performance-enhancing drugs. We are working together to create the safest environment for our kids. We also introduced a series of new measures which allow satellite tracking of paroled sex offenders, enables lifetime registration for criminals and strengthens Megan’s Law. Simply put, we are working to create the best laws possible to guard against sexual predators.

But there is much more to be done. I will continue to support new measures that will bring us closer to our goal of keeping sexual predators off our streets and away from our children. Rest assured, I will continue to make the safety of our children a top priority in the Assembly.

Michael Benedetto
Member of Assembly

Assemblyman Benedetto:
Keeping our children and communities safe

Passing laws to protect our families from sexual predators

Assemblyman Benedetto has supported several new laws which:

  • Ensure day and overnight camps run mandatory background checks on all job applicants (Ch. 260 of 2005)

  • Create local community-level systems for the Amber Alert child abduction system (Ch. 348 of 2005)

  • Require level 3 offenders to annually update their photographs (Ch. 56 of 2005) and level 2 and 3 offenders to immediately register any aliases (Ch. 318 of 2005)

  • Require the state to notify local social services whenever a paroled sex offender seeks homeless housing assistance (Ch. 410 of 2005)

Building a record of protecting our children

To keep our families safer than existing law allows, Assemblyman Benedetto supported several new measures to:

  • Require law enforcement to notify schools, day care centers and neighborhood watch groups when a sex offender arrives in a community (A.2252-A)

  • Prohibit level 3 sex offenders on conditional release or parole from being on school grounds or other facilities where children are cared for (A.8894)

  • Allow courts to determine a sex offender’s risk level, even if the offender fails to appear for their hearing (A.3758-A)

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