Assemblyman Benedetto
Assemblyman Benedetto
is working
to provide you with access to quality, affordable health care

Protecting New Yorkers from the governor’s deep budget cuts

The governor’s budget cuts health care funding by $1.3 billion - cuts that would not only harm the quality of health care our loved ones count on, but could force 29,700 people out of their jobs. In fact, according to the Healthcare Association of New York State, area hospitals could stand to lose over $11 million:

dotCalvary, which stands to lose $1,757,000

dotJacobi Medical Center, which stands to lose $9,220,000

dotNew York Westchester Square Medical Center, which stands to lose $373,000

Assemblyman Benedetto knows quality health care is important to Bronx families

Not only do our community hospitals deliver sound health care, they’re a cornerstone of our local economy. We can’t have a state budget that drains money from hospitals while raising costs for nursing homes and pharmacies that working families rely on. Assemblyman Benedetto will fight for a budget that protects our health care system - and our families’ well being.

Did you know that you can find crucial information about hospitals and physicians? Just visit the state’s web site at

New York State Hospital Profiles Web site allows you to:

  • search for hospitals by county, name or alphabetical browsing

  • view hospital details, including quality of care measurements and other information

  • compare hospitalsí quality of care with each other and with the state average

Physician Profile allows you to get information about doctors. All doctors must provide information about:

  • their medical education

  • translation services at their office

  • any legal action taken against them

The governor’s budget could mean:
  • Sick tax on nursing homes of 6 percent

  • Seniors would be forced out of EPIC’s low-cost prescription drug coverage

  • Family Health Plus recipients would pay co-pays, which will be raised from $3 to $25

  • Pharmacies will have to make up for lower EPIC and Medicaid reimbursement rates


"The governor’s health care cuts are unacceptable. I’ll continue to stand up to the governor’s cuts, and fight for an on-time budget that ensures quality, affordable health care is available for all New Yorkers"


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