Assemblyman Benedetto brings home high marks for our schools

Legislature’s bipartisan budget provides more for education than governor’s budget, including:
  • New York City schools will receive $501 million more than last year

  • a $25 million increase to expand universal pre-K classes in New York City - helping the city serve an additional 7,500 4-year-olds

  • $70 million for special education to help children reach their full potential

  • a $13.8 million increase in aid for city students with limited English proficiency

  • $10.7 million for Teacher Centers, where teachers can sharpen their skills to better help students

  • $1.6 million for the Teacher Mentor Intern Program to train better teachers

Benedetto scores high marks with on-time
A+ Helping students achieve
As a result of the Legislature’s budget, New York City schools will receive $501 million more than last year - $220 million more than the governor proposed - which will help our children succeed in a global economy.
A+ Modernizing our classrooms
photo In a clear victory for New York City schoolchildren, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto helped negotiate the Legislature’s budget that provides $2.6 billion to renovate and expand school buildings, providing safe, modern classrooms for our children. New York City schools will receive $1.8 billion to help modernize our schools.

The Legislature’s agreement also ensures that nearly $10 billion more will be invested in New York City schools to move our children’s classes out of the hallways and closets and into rooms where students can actually learn. Assemblyman Benedetto’s efforts will move construction forward at our local schools.

A+ Holding schools accountable
To make sure tax dollars make it to the classroom, the Legislature’s budget doubles the money for state comptroller audits of schools, providing $2.8 million over last year to root out waste and corruption.

Assemblyman Benedetto
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