Protecting your children from online predators
Tips from Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

Assemblyman Benedetto: Working to keep our children safe

The recent Dateline series “To Catch a Predator” has shown that predators are targeting children via the Internet. Parents need to be mindful of what information their kids are putting out on the Web in order to keep them safe, especially in chat rooms and on social networking sites. Assemblyman Michael Benedetto has provided the following tips for you and your children.

Tips to protect your children from online predators

  1. Establish rules and go over them with your children

  2. Remind your kids not to give out personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers or photos to online strangers

  3. Spend time with your children online

  4. “Block” certain services through your Internet provider that you want your children to stay away from

  5. Be aware if your child spends too much time online or tries to hide what they’re viewing from you

For more information on how to talk to your kids about online safety, please, and

To keep children safe, Assemblyman Benedetto has voted for legislation that:

  • Creates the crime of “luring” to specifically punish those who attempt to harm children (A.2467)

  • Strengthens Megan’s Law by increasing the registration periods for all sex offenders. This action stopped hundreds of sex offenders from dropping off the registry and disappearing, and requires more predators to be registered for life (Ch. 1 of 2006)

  • Requires the state Division of Criminal Justice Services to work with local law enforcement officers to implement the Amber Alert child abduction notification system statewide (Ch. 348 of 2005)


Civil confinement and stricter sentencing for sex crimes

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto supported the Child Safety and Sexual Predator Punishment and Confinement Strategy. The package includes not only civil confinement, but tougher penalties and expanded monitoring of sex offenders.

The Assembly’s plan includes life sentences for the most heinous sex crimes. And, adults convicted of serious sex crimes in which the victim is under the age of 13 could spend the rest of their lives in prison, regardless of any other aggravating circumstance (A.8939-A).

The online safety promise

**Click here for a printable view**

Ask your child to read and sign this pledge for safety.

promise to:
  • Follow the parent rules for going online, including what time of day, the length of time, and the appropriate areas to visit online

  • Not give out personal information to online strangers

  • Tell a parent or guardian if I come across information that makes me uncomfortable

  • Refuse to meet face-to-face with someone I meet online without getting permission from a parent or guardian

Parent/guardian signature


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