photo Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
fought for a bipartisan budget that provides quality, affordable health care because. . .

Health care shouldn’t be difficult
The state budget Assemblyman Benedetto fought for rejects the governor’s cut to the Medicaid and EPIC pharmacy reimbursement rates, which would deter pharmacists from participating and make it harder for you to get the medication you need.
The choice should be yours
The bipartisan budget stops the governor’s plan to force low-income seniors currently covered by the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program to enroll in Medicare Part D after July 1, 2006, allowing you to stay in a program of your choosing.
. . .You deserve the best health care possible.
You deserve affordable prescriptions
The budget continues, for another year, the successful wraparound coverage of prescription drugs for the 600,000 patients eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, it provides $2 million for Medicare Part D advocacy, outreach and enforcement to make sure that nobody in need of lifesaving medication is left unprotected.
Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

Co-op City Office
177 Dreiser Loop, Rm. 12
Bronx, NY 10475 • Tel: (718) 320-2220

Throggs Neck Office
3369 E. Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461 • Tel: (718) 892-2235

Quality health care matters
The Legislature rejected the governor’s cut of over $80 million to Bronx hospitals and $13 million to local nursing homes including:

Medical Center

Restored $11,657,000

Hebrew Hospital
Home, Inc.

Restored $3,127,000

New York Westchester
Square Medical Center

Restored $543,000

Kings Harbor
Multicare Center

Restored $4,946,000

Eastchester Park
Nursing Home

Restored $609,000

Providence Rest
Restored $2,140,000

Gold Crest
Care Center

Restored $672,000

Throgs Neck Extended
Care Facility

Restored $808,000

United Odd Fellow • Rebekah Home
Restored $698,000

That means more services and staff for your health needs.