Michael Benedetto:
Life should be
less taxing

Dear Friend:

As oil company profits continue to balloon under President Bush and his allies in control of Congress, soaring gas prices push energy costs for working families higher, squeezing budgets for food, clothing and daytoday needs.

In the absence of a sound national energy strategy, I sponsored a new law to establish a responsible course to moderate energy prices and pave the way for more cost-effective energy options.

The law caps state sales taxes on gas at 8 cents a gallon and enables local governments to act accordingly. In addition, the state provides a tax credit for home heating fuel and a mandate to research alternative energy.

The one thing we can all agree on is that taxes hurt working families. I continue my efforts to help ensure we develop reliable and efficient energy resources to keep prices as low as ossible.

Michael Benedetto
Member of Assembly

Assemblyman Benedetto: Saving you tax dollars

Capping costs at the pump
Gas sales tax capped at $2 a gallon

The Legislature passed a law to save New Yorkers money at the pump by:

  • capping the state sales tax at the $2 per gallon rate or 8 cents per gallon (Chap. 35 of 2006), effective June 1, and giving local governments the authority to enact local gas tax caps on July 1, for a potential savings of $450 million statewide

  • requiring service station owners to pass savings to consumers

  • fining gas stations up to $5,000 per incident, per day, if they don’t pass savings to consumers

Helping pay home heating bills
Tax credits for fuel

The law also helps ease the cost of high energy bills by:

  • providing consumers with a tax credit to purchase home heating fuel oil containing biodiesel fuel

  • establishing a tax credit for purchasing an energy efficient residential home heating system, equal to 50 percent of purchase and installation, to $500

  • In addition, the law allows New York City to reduce or eliminate its sales tax on residential energy.


Working to put more money in your wallet by:

Eliminating the state sales tax on clothing and footwear under $110 for New York City consumers

Establishing a Child Tax Credit of up to $330 for every child ages 4-17

Eliminating the marriage penalty tax, saving married couples $41 million annually when fully phased in

Cutting business taxes by $186 million

Creating a tax deduction for New York State National Guard members called into federal service, saving them $1 million

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

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