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Dear Friend,

Summer is a great time to sit down with a good book and your kids. My 2007 Summer Reading Challenge provides a fun and rewarding reason to do just that.

Read a few pages a day with your children and help them improve their speech, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening.

The Challenge runs July-August and I’ve included the details inside for every family to take part. Kids who complete the program receive a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate.

Sincerely, signature Michael Benedetto
Member of Assembly

Raising standards - reducing class size

Assemblyman Benedetto supported the governor’s Contract for Excellence to raise school standards by reducing class sizes within five years, increasing time for learning, ensuring teacher quality and improving educational performance.

stack of books State budget delivers results for New York City schools

For years, Assemblyman Benedetto fought for a meaningful solution to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) school aid decision. This year’s state budget accomplishes that goal.

With the largest education investment in New York State history, New York City schools will receive $714 million more than last year - a 10 percent increase.

Expanding early education

Children who attend pre-K classes gain a sizeable advantage in student achievement, college enrollment and future earnings. This year’s budget provides $60.3 million more for New York City schools to ensure that every 4-year-old has the opportunity to get a head start in learning.

See below for information on how your kids can make the most of their summer vacation!

"This year’s investment in education will further improve our record of academic success by giving our students their fair share of school aid, increasing accountability and reducing classroom overcrowding."
- Assemblyman Benedetto

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
Summer Reading Challenge

Children who read during the summer get a jump on school in the fall

Put your child at the head of the class with the 2007 Summer Reading Challenge

Read with your child just 15 minutes each day for 40 days during July and August and check off which days you read on the calendar below.

To receive the New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate, mail completed calendar, plus the following name and address information, to Assemblyman Benedetto, 3369 E. Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461.

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Child’s name:

Parents’ name:

Home address:

School name:

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August 2007
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Assemblyman Benedetto Good luck and happy reading!
Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
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