Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
Putting your health first

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto fights for
a budget that delivers quality health care

“Quality, affordable health care is a right that should be enjoyed by all New Yorkers. That’s why I fought to ensure that New York City families will have access to the care they deserve.”

– Assemblyman
Michael Benedetto

Keeping our families healthy

The budget provides more than $355 million over the governor’s budget for hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies:

  • New York Westchester Square Medical Center will receive $614,000 more

  • Gold Crest Care Center will receive $587,000 more

  • Eastchester Park Nursing Home will receive $806,000 more

  • Hebrew Hospital Home, Inc., will receive $1.3 million more

  • Kings Harbor Multicare Center will receive $2.7 million more

  • Providence Rest will receive $1.2 million more

  • Throgs Neck Extended Care Facility will receive $715,000 more

  • United Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home will receive $609,000 more

Asssemblyman Benedetto also helped to eliminate wasteful spending and fraud by creating the New York State False Claims Act — providing whistleblowers with an incentive to root out fraud — and strengthening the Office of Medicaid Inspector General by adding more auditors.

Fighting for New York’s uninsured children

Did you know?

Comparison shopping for low drug prices at, a Web site maintained by the Attorney General and AARP, can also help lower your drug costs.

Assemblyman Benedetto worked with Governor Spitzer to expand the federal-state Child Health Plus program to cover all of New York’s 400,000 uninsured children. President Bush placed new restrictions on New York’s program, which will prevent the state from taking positive steps forward. These restrictions include:

  • Requiring a one-year waiting period for thousands of New York’s working poor, and

  • Denying coverage to any children in families making $51,625 for a family of four

Children should not go without health coverage for one day, let alone an entire year. Assemblyman Benedetto will fight alongside Governor Spitzer to oppose President Bush’s new restrictions and deliver New York’s promise to provide health insurance to every child.

Making decisions about your health

Whether to accept or reject medical care in an end-of-life situation is a very personal decision governed by your beliefs. Should a serious accident or illness leave you unable to relay your wishes, you need to ensure they are honored. In New York State, that means having a living will or health care proxy.

You can complete the attached health care proxy for your records. Once completed, hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers must follow your agent’s decisions as if they were your own. Click here for a printable version of the Health Care Proxy.

After signing your proxy

Give a copy to your agent, doctor, attorney and family members or close friends. Keep a copy with your important papers. You can contact my district office for more information. Do not put it in a location where no one else can get to it, like a safe deposit box. Be sure to bring a copy with you if you are admitted to the hospital, even for minor or out-patient surgery.

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