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Community Capital Investment in the Northeast Bronx

Dear friends and neighbors,

I wanted to send you an update to let you know how state capital money is getting used to improve our community. Most of the following improvements are the result of Community Capital Assistance Funding. MTA projects are from transportation infrastructure improvement funding and school construction aid.

The following is a list of projects that have been completed, are under way or will start in the near future, that I have successfully obtained funding for from the state budget. These projects are all being implemented by municipal authorities or local not-for-profits.

I have included a calendar for 2007 in this newsletter for your convenience. As always, if I can be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My office is here to serve you. I would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

With Love and Hope,
Carl E. Heastie

photo Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie and Majority Leader Paul Tokaz discuss legislation in the Assembly Chambers

Capital Funding for New Schools

Since Carl E. Heastie was elected in 2000, he has been a constant advocate for the creation of new schools in the Northeast Bronx to relieve school over-crowding. During this year’s session the legislature fulfilled the CFE requirements by providing $11.2 billion in capital funding for New York City schools.

Additionally, I.S. 113 is currently constructing a 6 classroom addition as a result of efforts by Councilman Larry Seabrook and CFE funds. The construction will be complete in December of 2006. The new class rooms will provide space for an extra 192 students.

P.S./I.S. 189 (estimated cost $45.8 million) - New school construction that will service children in grades kindergarten-8th grade. The facility will have a capacity of 916 students; the building will stand four stories high; and is expected to be completed in July of 2007. In addition to educational purposes, the facility will be available for shared use to the Boston Secor Housing community.

M.S./H.S. 362 (estimated cost $60 million) - New school facility to house 2 middle schools and 2 high schools, one on each floor with separate entrances for the middle school and high school age groups. The building will educate 1,664 students at a time. Construction is under way and is expected to reach completion in June of 2008.

Capital Funding for the Metropolitan Transportation Association
ohoto Projected appearance of completed Gun Hill Road Station
Refurbish the 5 Train Station on Gun Hill Road-This upgrade will entail placement/replacement of security cameras, power washing of lighting fixtures, new lights, replacement of benches/trash cans, painting of the interior/exterior and other miscellaneous work. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority estimates this project to cost approximately $624,000. >

Upper White Plains Road Structural/Station Rehabilitation Project ($167 million)- New York City Transit MTA is in the process of rehabilitating structures and stations on the Upper White Plains Road Line consisting of: Gun Hill Road, East 219th, East 225th and East 233rd Streets, Nereid Avenue and Wakefield/East 241st Street. This project includes Americans with Disabilities Act elevators for the Gun Hill Road and East 233rd Street stations.

MTA Land Use Bill Construction Project at Williamsbridge Square-Approval of the State Legislature for alienation of parkland at Williamsbridge Square has paved the way for construction of the new station headhouse and other planned improvements which required the exchange of several small parcels of land among city parks, city DOT, and MTA/NYCT. The provisions of Assembly Bill A.4407-A (Heastie) authorize this alienation and exchange. This land was used by the MTA and the MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) for the purposes of constructing and operating a subway and intermodal transfer station, along with station, parkland, traffic and streetscape improvements associated with the Gun Hill Road Station Rehabilitation Project.

The Gun Hill Road Station Rehabilitation Project will replace the existing substandard station with a larger, modern, ADA compliant station and pedestrian plaza, create additional space for the convenient transfer between buses and the subway, improve traffic flow with separate bus lanes and a new turn-around for buses and will provide additional and upgraded parkland. NYCT will also renovate the existing buildings and facilities and provide new traffic signage and signals on behalf of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). The Project will reduce both pedestrian and vehicular congestion, increasing station accessibility and realigning some existing traffic patterns and lanes.

Senior and Health Services
RAIN image $300,000 in funding to Regional Aid for Interim Needs (R.A.I.N.) for new senior center and housing-This funding was for the construction of the Senior Center component of the mixed-use development proposal for 3377 White Plains Road. R.A.I.N. has received approval to construct a mixed-use development which will include 72 apartments designated for low-income elderly and a new 15,000 square foot senior center. R.A.I.N. has received an allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal with the support of Carl Heastie for this project.

R.A.I.N. Senior Centers receives $115,000 in capital construction funding-New initiative will provide a new state of the art kitchen facility at the Boston East Senior Center, a new stove for Boston Secor Senior Center, and renovations at Eastchester Gardens Senior Center. $50,000 was dedicated to purchase a new industrial size refrigerator, stove and equipment for the Boston East Senior Center. The funds also provide for the purchase and installation of various fixtures and miscellaneous appliances and utensils. Other funds for this project were contributed through the assistance of Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Councilman Larry Seabrook.

Assemblyman Heastie has provided $100,000 in assistance for R.A.I.N. to finish the construction of its administrative building. These offices help R.A.I.N. provide the myriad of services that our elder community deserves. This funding will be used to improve local senior centers.

Capital Funding for Youth and Community

Funding for youth and community is state funding secured by Assemblyman Carl Heastie for the purpose of capital construction. Most of the funding in this section is money from the Community Capital Construction Program (CCAP) and has relatively strict requirements for eligibility.

Edenwald-Gun Hill Neighborhood Center $300,000 CCAP-$300,000 for the improvement of the Facility and North Side Playground for the Edenwald Community. The North Side Playground will receive new artificial turf on the football field. The photo Edenwald-Gun Hill Neighborhood Center will be getting capital improvements at the facility from a $250,000 Community Capital Assistance Program allocation from Assemblyman Carl Heastie. These improvements are being funded in conjunction with councilman Larry Seabrook.

$100,000 CCAP funding to the New York Public Library-The community room of the Eastchester Branch Library will be fully renovated with $100,000 in Community Capital Assistance Funding. This renovation includes painting the interior and purchasing new audio visual equipment. Among other renovations this project will replace the flooring, accomplish much needed repairs/improvements, and provide new seating and tables for the community room.

$75,000 CCAP funding to the Bridgefield Civic League-Bridgefield Civic League is scheduled to receive $75,000 in state funds as administered by the Community Capital Assistance Program. This funding is to be used for capital improvements to the property at 3551 Laconia Avenue in Bronx county. These improvements have already been begun and the State Dormitory Authority is in the process of reimbursing the Civic League for the expenses. These repairs included new windows, a new heating/AC unit, painting the interior and exterior. The roof received some much needed repairs and the sidewalk and blacktop have been repaired.

Rainbow Rhymes receives $100,000 grant from the OCFS-With the support of Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie the Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center was approved for $100,000 in funding from the New York State Office of Children and Families Bureau of Early Childhood Development. These funds were used to expand the center to accommodate more families from the community.

Northeast Bronx Day Care Center, Inc. receives $50,000 in CCAP-The Northeast Bronx Day Care Center, Inc. will be using $50,000 in CCAP funding to renovate the facility at 4104 White Plains Road. The proposed renovations include preparing eleven classrooms, therapy space and administrative offices for the day care center.

$1.1 million project to prepare property for community use- Assemblyman Heastie is in the process of cleaning up the property at 707 East 211th Street in the Bronx for transfer to the Bronx. This building was previously an MTA substation. Assemblyman Heastie dedicated the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Funding allocation for the 2004 Legislative Session to be used for asbestos removal and clean up of this MTA site. Working with Councilman Seabrook, Borough President Carrion and State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson this site is expected to house a community center and affordable housing development.

Capital Funding for Parks

These funds were committed to improving parkland throughout the Bronx as the result of the Legislature’s approval of the City’s water filtration facility.

Campanaro Playground (Projected to cost $1,764,613)-Project will renovate court and playground areas including repair of the spay showers.

Edenwald Construction (Projected to cost $1,809,000)-Project will entail reconstruction of South Side Playground and basketball court to include new play equipment, spray shower, and landscaping. This project is in the design phase.

Seton Falls Park (Projected to cost $900,000)-This project will include trail upgrades and associated fencing repair work. This project is in the bid phase.

Haffen Park (Projected to cost $1,131,000)-Installation of synthetic turf on the baseball and soccer fields. This project is nearing the completion of construction.

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