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Summer 2008

Dear friends and neighbors,

I wanted to send you another update on capital funding for our community and significant legislation passed near the end of session. The funding is the result of the Community Capital Assistance Program that I have secured through budget negotiations over the past year and will be administered by the New York State Dormitory Authority.

Included in the newsletter is a list of projects that are underway or will be undertaken in the future which I have successfully obtained funding for from the state budget. These projects are all being implemented by local not-for-profit or municipal authorities. Three significant pieces of legislation were passed towards the end of session to address very pressing issues. The legislation deals with: Sub Prime Lending, Mandatory Overtime for nurses, and Gun Control.

I assure you that I will continue to work hard to ensure that the Northeast Bronx receives its fair share from our state government. As always, if there is any way that I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. My office is here to serve you.

With Love and Hope,
Carl E. Heastie

Community Capital Investment
in the Northeast Bronx

$1 million for Tilden Towers II Housing Development

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie and Councilman Larry Seabrook have secured $1 million in capital construction funding for the Tilden Towers II Housing Development. This capital funding will be used to:

  • Replace 3 elevator cabs and repair the lifts for the building

  • Replace garage gates for upper and lower level egress

  • Refurbish the pool and its surrounding area

Parkside Development receives $125,000
in Capital funding from Member of Assembly Heastie

photo Assemblyman Heastie secures $125,000 for Parkside Development

This funding will be used to:

  • Puchase new elevator cabs to replace the older faltering ones.

  • Repair the sidewalk to make the surrounding ground safer for the residents

  • Refurbish the security camera system with a major upgrade to provide a safer more secure environment in the common areas and surrounding grounds to the Parkside Development.

$625,000 for Tilden Towers I Housing Development
to Rebuild Playground

Carl E. Heastie in conjunction with Councilman Seabrook have secured $625,000 in funding for Tilden Towers. These funds will be used to remove and remediate an old heating oil tank from the back property. This project involves excavating the old oil tank buried in the back of Tilden Towers and then rebuilding the playground over the top of the previous site. The work will provide for a cleaner and safer environment for our children to live and play. The project entails:

  • Excavating the entire backyard grounds

  • Removing the oversized oil tank

  • Replacing the soil

  • Restoring the landscaping, fencing, sidewalks, pavers, and playground.

photo Assemblyman Carl Heastie joins the owners and staff of the newly opened Soulful restaurant on 3000 Eastchester Road.

$550,000 in Community Capital Assistance Program funding for 3555 Olinville Avenue (Lindville Housing Company) to Repair Building Infrastructure

Through joint city and state funding Assemblyman Carl Heastie and Councilman Larry Seabrook have dedicated $550,000 in funding to the Olinville Tenants Association to:

  • Replace the door checks on 33 doors in the development.

  • Replace old and non functioning radiators with more efficient and environmentally friendly new radiators.

  • Replace the old Garbage compactor.

RAIN Senior Centers to Receive $125,000 to Purchase a Van for Boston East and equipment for the RAIN/Gun Hill senior Center Recreation Room

New funding to Regional Aide for Interim Needs (RAIN) will provide a state of the art vehicle to help seniors with transportation needs. This Capital funding is dedicated to alleviating the difficulties our seniors experience when ever they would like to go on a day trip or any excursion that requires some travel. The funding will also cover the cost of new equipment at the RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center. The money will be used to purchase:

  • A vehicle for the RAIN center at Boston East.

  • New exercise equipment for the recreation Room at the RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center.

  • New office equipment at the RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center,

  • Arts and Crafts tables for RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center

  • Exercise Machines at the RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center

  • Pottery Kiln and Wheels for RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center

  • A Darkroom for photography at RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center

  • Upgraded security cameras and equipment at the RAIN Gun Hill Senior Center

$3.2 million Capital Improvements for Local Schools

In a joint effort, Assemblyman Carl Heastie and Councilman Larry Seabrook were able to secure city and state funding to provide the following Capital improvements to local schools:

  • $1.2 million to renovate the auditorium, science and computer lab, and playground at P.S. 112

  • $500,000 to renovate the at Evander Childs high School

  • $500,000 to purchase the computer labs at P.S. 111

  • $450,000 to upgrade the playground and computer lab at P.S. 21

  • $500,000 to install the science and computer labs at I.S. 142

$125,000 in Capital Funding Dedicated to
NYCHA/Baychester Youth Council by Carl Heastie

This project will be performed in conjunction with the New York City Housing Authority. The funds will be used to:

  • upgrade existing electrical, security and air handling systems

  • renovate/replace bathrooms

  • replace ceiling tiles

  • renovate floors

  • purchase new playground equipment

  • buy library shelving

Carl E. Heastie assists National Council of Negro Women by securing $50,000 in Capital Improvements

Assemblyman Heastie has allocated $50,000 in Community Capital Assistance Program funding to the National Council of Negro Women to improve the Child Development Center. The NCNW has been servicing the community of the Northeast Bronx since 1966. Their mission is to help children learn in a safe and nurturing environment so they can lead healthy successful lives. The offer universal Pre-Kindergarten and many other educational components.

The capital improvements include:

  • purchase and installation of a dumbwaiter

  • a new dishwasher

  • handicap accommodations and other improvements.

  • installing a stairwell lift to make the first floor handicap accessible.

Assemblyman Carl Heastie Allocates
$50,000 to the Jamaica Progressive League

Using Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) funding secured through this years budget negotiations Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie was able to provide $50,000 in capital improvement funding to the Jamaica Benevolent Arm & Cultural Center (Jamaica Progressive League). This funding will be used to establish a community service center. The Jamaica Progressive League is dedicated to helping students keep up with their class work and prepare for standardized test, creating programs to encourage cultural/traditional awareness, and adult education.

Susan Wagner Day Care Center receive $50,000 in Capital Funding from Assembly Member Heastie

Susan Wagner Day Care Center will be using $50,000 secured by Assemblyman Heastie to renovate their playground area. The renovation will include:

  • Applying surface foam rubber around the play areas

  • Replacement of the existing fence with a higher more secure perimeter fence

  • Purchase of playground units to accommodate children of several different age groups

photo Assemblyman Heastie with Sadie Campbell and the Jamaica Benevolent Association (Jamaica Progressive League).

Assemblyman Carl Heastie applauds the passage of
Legislation to enhance background checks for firearms

Carl E. Heastie announced Legislative approval of a gun-safety bill he supported to intensify firearm background checks and mandate greater information sharing between state agencies (A.11758).

The legislation will require the state Office of Mental Health and state Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities to collect and transmit records for the purpose of responding to queries to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System. Additionally, the state Office of Court Administration, through its chief administrative judge, will also collect and transmit records of individuals who have been adjudicated unable to contract and manage their own affairs. Federal legislation mandates that these people are unable to possess or acquire handguns or long-arms.

The bill would also authorize courts to revoke an individual’s firearm license and seize any weapons in his or her possession in cases where a defendant is deemed to be incapacitated or has been committed to a mental health facility.

“The Assembly continues to lead the charge to reduce gun violence in New York. By maintaining this comprehensive databank and pooling agency resources, we can help keep guns away from the most dangerous, unstable individuals,” Carl E. Heastie said. “This bill will make New York a safer place.”

Legislature and Governor agree to
eliminate mandatory Overtime for Nurses

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie announced that the Assembly unanimously passed legislation as part of an agreement with the Governor and the Senate, to eliminate mandatory overtime for nurses in hospitals and other health care facilities, including those operated by the State.

The bill (A.11711) co sponsored by Member of Assembly Heastie, would restrict the consecutive hours of required work for nurses to eliminate mandatory overtime and help attract and retain nurses at hospitals and other facilities.

“Our Nurses are the people that take care of us when we are sick, they deserve to be able to work hours that won’t cause fatigue or put them in an exhausted state where they could possibly make a life threatening mistake,” said Assemblyman Heastie.

This legislation would:

  • Require health care employers to limit nurses on-duty time to be no longer than their regularly scheduled shift;

  • Retain the ability of a nurse to voluntarily work overtime; and

  • Take effect in one year, giving health care employers, including state facilities, time to plan for implementation by increasing recruitment efforts, advancing flexible work schedules, and obtaining contracts for temporary services.

Assemblyman Carl Heastie: Assistance to arrive for homeowners at risk of foreclosure

Carl E. Heastie announced the passage of legislation agreed to by the Senate and governor he supported designed to address New York’s subprime lending crisis and offer assistance to homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages (A.10817-A).

To help existing homeowners, the agreement modifies the current foreclosure process by:

  • Providing a 90-day pre-foreclosure notice to alert borrowers that they are in default or foreclosure and advise them that there may be help; and

  • Establishing Mandatory Settlement Conferences to bring a borrower together with the party initiating the foreclosure proceeding to reach a settlement.

The agreement also establishes protections for future homeowners by:

  • Enacting a subprime mortgage lending statute that identifies limitations and prohibited practices for subprime home loans;

  • Requiring brokers to act in the best interests of the borrower, considering the borrowers ability to pay and prohibiting lenders or brokers from improperly influencing the outcome of a real estate appraisal;

  • Requiring registration of all businesses servicing mortgage loans;

  • Establishing the crime of residential mortgage fraud; and

  • Cracking down on “rescue scams” by lenders who represent themselves as being able to rescue people at the last minute who are facing foreclosure.

“Foreclosures debilitate our local communities and weaken families and neighborhoods. We must help homeowners find a way out of foreclosure whenever possible,” Carl Heastie said. “This agreement is imperative to protect families and reverse this distressing crisis.”

Assemblyman Heastie Hosts a Symposium on Foreclosure Prevention & New York Sub Prime Mortgage Laws

This forum promises to be a dynamic and informative opportunity for local residents to better understand their rights as mortgage holding home owners. This event will feature experts and authorities in the legal and housing fields.

Services will be available to assist attendees in making critical decisions about the future of their homes and their financial future. Emergency legislation was recently passed by the State Legislature to help victims of the Sub Prime Lending Crisis that has recently rocked financial markets. This forum will help constituents better understand their rights as consumers and home owners. The event will be divided into 2 segments: an expert panel and a table fair.

When: August 23th, 2008 @ 1:00 PM


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