Carmen E. Arroyo

Supporting troops and their families
Protecting soldiers at home

To protect the financial well-being and the families of New York’s military while they serve, the Assembly passed the Patriot Plan. The plan:

  • Imposes a cap on installment loan interest
  • Extends eviction protections
  • Allows for the termination of car leases without penalty
  • Extends mortgage foreclosure protections
  • Extends the deadline to pay property taxes, contingent upon approval by locality
  • Protects against lapse in life insurance for non-payment of premiums
  • Prohibits enforcement of storage liens on household goods
  • Prohibits adverse credit reporting for individuals who previously obtained a stay, postponement or suspension of obligations under the Civil Relief Act

For more information about these and other benefits, visit the Division of Military and Naval Affairs Web site, or call the DMNA Legal Affairs Office at 518.786.4541.

Ensuring our troops return to good-paying jobs

During this time of economic uncertainty, we must help our military personnel find meaningful work upon their return. The Patriot Plan:

  • Extends the certification period for emergency technicians on active duty (DMNA Government and Community Affairs 518.786.4580)
  • Waives continuing professional education requirements and automatically extends professional licenses (Appropriate Licensing Authority or DMNA Legal Affairs Office 518.786.4541)
  • Protects soldiers who have to suspend their education, allowing them to retain credits, standings or scholarships, and the student has the option of requesting a refund or credit of tuition and fees (DMNA Government and Community Affairs 518.786.4580)
Taking care of soldiers’ families

In the tragic event of a war casualty, the Patriot Plan provides up to $6,000 for funeral costs (1-888-VETSNYS).

The plan also provides four years of free tuition, room and board to any SUNY or CUNY undergraduate school or an equal amount to attend any other college or university in New York for the children, spouses and dependents of New Yorkers killed or severely disabled in the line of duty after August 2, 1990. (NYS Higher Education Services Corporation, search site for "scholarships" or call DMNA Government and Community Affairs 518.786.4580).

To recognize the sacrifices veterans have made for our country, Assemblywoman Arroyo is working to pass legislation:

Providing recourse for Agent Orange injuries

  • Extending the law that allows people who served in Indochina from December 22, 1961 through May 7, 1975 and were injured by exposure to chemical herbicides to take legal action (Chap. 68 of 2004)
Honoring our soldiers

  • Requiring that school districts, boards of education, charter schools or other educational employers receiving state funding to give paid leave on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day to any employees who are veterans (A.5039)

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Important phone numbers and Web sites

Division of Military and Naval Affairs

Legal Affairs Office

Government and Community Affairs

NYS Division of Veterans’ Affairs

Assemblywoman Arroyo
384 East 149th Street, Suite 608 • Bronx, New York 10455
(718) 292-2901