Marcos A. Crespo
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Dear Neighbor,
Hardworking New Yorkers need an affordable place to live. They shouldn’t be priced out of their homes due to skyrocketing rents.

For decades, the Assembly has been fighting to strengthen New York’s rent-regulation laws to protect tenants from being unfairly priced out of their homes. Recently, we passed comprehensive legislation to strengthen the state’s rent laws and extend current rent laws until June 15, 2016 (A.2674-A).

This measure will lift the crushing burden of overpriced rent off of hardworking families’ backs, making the cost of living in our communities more affordable.

I encourage you to join the fight. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my office.

Marcos A. Crespo
Member of Assembly
163 Manor Avenue • Bronx, NY 10472
718-893-0202 •

Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo
Assemblyman Crespo is fighting to strengthen New York’s rent-regulation laws so building owners and landlords can’t unfairly raise the rent – driving hardworking families out of our neighborhoods (A.2674-A).
The Assembly’s rent-regulation legislation would:
  • Repeal vacancy decontrol laws that permit landlords to remove apartments from rent regulation when they become vacant

  • Reduce the amount of rent increase after vacancy and limit the allowable increase to one per year

  • Allow a building owner to increase the amount of preferential rent only upon vacancy

  • Limit a building owner’s ability to recover a rent-regulated apartment for personal use to one unit and prevent a landlord from recovering an apartment rented by a long-term tenant or senior

  • Give New York City greater control over its rent-control laws

  • Limit individual apartment improvement rent increases to 1/60th of the cost of improvement

  • Allow former federal Section 8 housing in New York City to be subject to rent regulation even if constructed after January 1974

  • Extend the time period over which major capital improvement expenses are collected by landlords and cease rent surcharges once the cost of such improvements have been recovered

Unless we convince the Senate and governor to act, come June 15, laws that keep housing affordable for tenants in cities across our state will expire. Sign the Assembly’s petition at or return the mailer below to help permanently fix our rent laws.

I’m standing with Assemblyman Crespo in the fight to extend and strengthen rent laws that working families depend on.





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