Legislative Report on LaFarge from
Assemblyman Tim Gordon
Working to protect our community

Assemblyman Tim Gordon
Dear Neighbor,

When I learned that LaFarge Cement in Ravena had the highest amount of mercury emissions in the state, I knew I had to become involved and that this problem had to be solved with the community’s health and well-being as the central focus. With LaFarge as a major employer in our community, I believe it is important that it sets an example as a steward of the environment and a good corporate neighbor.

Since the facts were revealed, I have met with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and LaFarge Cement several times to find ways to mitigate this health risk. In addition, I have been advocating for LaFarge to meet with the public so you can voice your concerns and have questions answered. LaFarge has agreed to this request and there will be a public meeting on August 7, at 7 p.m. at Stuyvesant Town Hall. I urge you to attend.


A Timeline of Events

February 28 - The Times Union reports the high mercury emissions at LaFarge and Assemblyman Gordon begins meeting with the DEC and LaFarge to solve the problem.

March 26 - Gordon sends an official letter to the DEC asking for further testing at LaFarge.

April 15 - LaFarge agrees to test its facility to find out how much toxic metal passes through the plant.

May 12 - Gordon sends LaFarge officials a request for meetings with the public, outlining upcoming town hall meetings where they would be welcome to discuss their plans.

June 25 - LaFarge invites public officials for a tour that coincides with a stack test, and town officials are given a presentation on the testing program.

August 7 - An informational meeting will be held with the public, including representatives from LaFarge, the DEC and the governor’s office at 7 p.m. at the Stuyvesant Town Hall.

Assemblyman Tim Gordon
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