Assemblywoman Lifton
is fighting
to protect
our families

Assemblywoman Lifton is making our community safer
Cracking down on stalkers and high-tech voyeurs

Assemblywoman Lifton sponsored a law to strengthen protections against stalking. It would allow a crime victim to receive a special order of conditions to maintain legal protections when a defendant is found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect (Ch. 525 of 2003). She sponsored another law that makes videotaping someone in their home without their knowledge a crime (Ch. 69 of 2003).

Keeping high-powered guns off our streets

As long as guns are easily accessible, our community will not be safe. Lifton sponsored legislation that would ban the possession, use and sale of 50-caliber weapons (A.7039).

Fighting domestic violence

Assemblywoman Lifton sponsored a law increasing the maximum duration for orders of protection in domestic violence cases to 2 years and, with aggravating circumstances, to 5 years (Ch. 579 of 2003). She also sponsored legislation requiring the court to inquire about firearms owned or possessed by the defendant in a domestic violence case (A.6820).

Protecting our loved ones from sexual assault

Assemblywoman Lifton supported legislation to give greater protections to victims of sexual assault by strengthening the Sexual Assault Reform Act of 2000 (Ch. 264 of 2003). The law:

  • Creates a Sexual Assault Forensic Payment Program to reduce the inconvenience of handling insurance red tape while a victim copes with their trauma
  • Eliminates circumstances in which marriage can inappropriately be used as a legal defense for sexual assault
  • Expands the list of crimes that fall under persistent abuse and toughen penalties
  • Makes it a crime to knowingly administer a prescription drug to incapacitate a victim, and then commit sexual assault
Helping locate wireless callers in distress

To make sure help arrives quickly, Assemblywoman Lifton helped pass a budget that makes life-saving improvements to local 911 systems ó enabling local emergency dispatch centers to pinpoint calls from wireless phones (Ch. 62 of 2003).

Ensuring the safety of our lakes and rivers

Fatal boating accidents in Tompkins County have underscored the need to hold boaters to the same high standards as motorists. Thatís why Assemblywoman Lifton supported legislation:

  • Lowering the Blood Alcohol Content threshold for boating to .08 from .10 percent (Ch. 458 of 2003)
  • Prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle after being convicted of Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) or Boating While Ability Impaired (BWAI) and vice versa in the case of a DWI or DWAI (A.1593)
  • Raising penalties for failing to promptly report a boating accident involving serious injury or death to the felony level (A.7050-A)

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