“I’m fighting to make Cortland and Tompkins Counties a better place to live and work by bolstering our regional economy, cracking down on corporate greed and working to ensure an on-time budget. By accomplishing these goals, our quality of life will improve.”

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton –
Working for a better New York

Barbara Lifton

Making Cortland and Tompkins Counties a better place to live and work

Fighting for a revitalized regional economy

With Assemblywoman Lifton’s help, the Assembly recently pledged $2 million to the Metropolitan Development Association of Central New York to implement a comprehensive economic development plan aimed at creating jobs and revitalizing Central New York’s economy.

The Essential New York Initiative, targeting a 12-county region, including Cortland and Tompkins counties, takes into account all of our regional strengths, such as a strong university system, a first-rate workforce and emerging high-tech industries – and brings them together to create jobs.

Assemblywoman Lifton believes that this regional approach provides a clear road map to recovery through university and industry collaboration. It will help formalize networks between research and development institutions like Cornell University and area businesses. Linking talented faculty, researchers and students to local companies and entrepreneurs will help expand the economy, create new technology, and build industries of the future.

Assemblywoman Lifton has urged the governor and the Senate to each invest an additional $2 million in this innovative approach that will help us start down the path to economic prosperity and growth.

Standing up to corporate greed

In an effort to bring more disclosure and accountability to corporations, Assemblywoman Lifton supported legislation to:

  • Direct the Department of Labor to examine the effect of offshore outsourcing of information technology jobs (A.11613)
  • Require companies to annually disclose any tax credits they have received (A.11703, sponsor)
  • Hold companies accountable for economic development incentives they have received (A.11681, sponsor)

Working to ensure an on-time budget

Assemblywoman Lifton sponsored a historic, bipartisan plan that will bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to the state budget process, and above all, will help ensure an on-time budget. Among the provisions are moving the beginning of the fiscal year from April 1 to May 1, establishing an independent budget office, and providing for a contingency budget if a new budget is not adopted by May 1.

Helping schools and taxpayers

Under the budget reform plan, the state would be required to:

  • Provide a “step ahead” two-year appropriation for education aid, giving schools the information they need to plan ahead and avoid increasing property taxes
  • Create a reserve fund to ensure sufficient funds exist for the payment of education aid in May and June of each year

Improving planning and accountability

By using better planning and financial forecasts, the Legislature will be able to enact better budgets. The agreement requires:

  • Additional financial reporting in the executive budget
  • That all agency budget submissions be made public prior to submission to the governor
  • The creation of a reserve fund equal to 3 percent of the general fund in order to have more money put away for a “rainy day”

These reforms require a constitutional amendment, so they must be approved by two consecutively-elected Legislatures before being put on the ballot for a public vote. The Assembly and Senate passed a concurrent resolution in May, positioning these reforms to go to the public for approval in November 2005 (A.11231).

Community meetings with
Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton

Wednesday, August 25
7 - 9 p.m.
Danby Town Hall
1830 Danby Road, Ithaca

Monday, August 30
4 - 6 p.m.
Ithaca Town Hall
Town Board meeting room
Buffalo St. or Tioga St. entrance

Wednesday, September 1
7 - 9 p.m.
Ulysses Town Hall
10 Elm St., Trumansburg

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton
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