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Working hard to address the concerns of South Hill residents

photo Raising awareness about TCE and finding solutions

Since the detection of TCE, a chemical that is carcinogenic to humans, within the South Hill community, Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton has worked to raise awareness about this health hazard and to find ways to safeguard residents. Last year, as a member of the Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee, Lifton participated in a series of public hearings held by the committee to investigate the health threat vapor intrusion posed to South Hill residents. The committee released a report of its findings, "Vapor Intrusion of Toxic Chemicals: An Emerging Public Health Concern," which can be accessed through Assemblywoman Lifton’s Web page on the Assembly’s Web site at Residents can also receive a copy of the report by calling her district office at 277-8030.

Lifton supports the report’s recommendation that the state take a proactive approach to addressing this problem by: enforcing a stricter standard for TCE toxicity, ensuring better disclosure and dissemination of information about vapor intrusion, and implementing a public health plan to better protect residents from potential health hazards.

Introducing legislation to keep families informed
As a result of the findings from the Assembly’s committee, Assemblywoman Lifton introduced legislation - which passed both the Assembly and Senate and now awaits the governor’s signature - to shorten the turnaround time between testing a home for TCE and notification of the results (A.10633-A).

This legislation will ensure that test results will be received within 30 days, lessening frustration and worry for residents.

Assemblywoman Lifton also sponsored legislation that has been passed by both houses requiring landlords to tell renters about contaminants or vapor intrusion (A.10120-C). Currently, homeowners must be told, but renters do not. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed this legislation, which would have protected South Hill residents.

Lifton is also urging the New York State Department of Health to implement a stricter state standard for the mitigation of homes for TCE gas - further safeguarding the health of residents.

Ensuring the safety of South Hill families and neighborhoods
Assemblywoman Lifton knows there is more work to be done to make sure that South Hill residents are better informed about and protected from TCE and vapor intrusion. Lifton will continue her efforts to push for remediation at any detectable level of TCE and will continue to advocate that the state and Emerson Power Transmission fully clean up this site. The health and well-being of our families depend on it.

"The state needs to take a more proactive approach to solving vapor intrusion and giving residents better information about TCE. We must continue to be vigilant and work to protect the health and well-being of our families and neighborhoods."
- Barbara Lifton

Did you know?

The EPL/Environmental Advocates of New York gave Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton a grade of 100 percent in this year’s Voter’s Guide. For more information about the Voter’s Guide, visit the EPL/Environmental Advocates of New York’s Web site at

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