“If President Bush won’t stand
up for our children, we will.”
Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton
Barbara Lifton

Fighting for quality, affordable health care

Working to provide health insurance for all children by:

photo “I remain dedicated to fighting for easy access to affordable health care for all New Yorkers.”
Barbara Lifton
  • Stepping in where President Bush won’t by expanding the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

  • This program will secure funding to help cover 70,000 of New York’s uninsured children

Fighting to ensure accessible, affordable health care by supporting:

  • The “Doctors Across New York” program, which will provide financial incentives for doctors to practice in underserved areas

  • A proposed statewide transition from paper to electronic health records to promote quicker, safer exchange of medical information among doctors

  • Saving the state $36 million by expanding the preferred drug list

  • An additional $50 million commitment to stem cell research

  • Expanding universal health care to all New Yorkers (A.7354 and A.8163)

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton Assemblywoman
Barbara Lifton
106 East Court St.• Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 277-8030 • liftonb@assembly.state.ny.us