Mark Johns knows that cooperation can get more done for the New York taxpayer than political bickering.

This year, cooperation is needed more than ever. In 2012, we must work together to:
  • Pass unfunded mandate relief and reform for residents, schools and local governments.
  • Remove barriers to private-sector economic growth by lifting regulations and taxes on small businesses and manufacturers.
  • Right-size government, cut waste and rein in spending.
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Working together, we achieved some important things for New York in 2011:

  • PROPERTY TAX CAP: Johns advocated for a 2% property tax cap to keep our communities affordable.

  • ON-TIME BUDGET: Johns helped to negotiate an on-time budget that closed a looming $10 billion deficit without raising your taxes.

  • TOUGHER ETHICS: Johns worked to convince Albany politicians that ethics should be independently regulated and consistently enforced.