Andy Goodell
A new way of thinking about education.

For our children:
  1. Keeping our best teachers in the classroom
  2. Fostering innovative approaches to education
  3. Rewarding academic success
For us:
  1. Voting to restore vital education funding for our schools
  2. Adjusting the school aid formula to benefit Chautauqua County
  3. Using your input to improve our schools
For our teachers:
  1. Protecting our best and brightest teachers
  2. Protecting experienced teachers from salary discrimination
  3. Restoring jobs for teachers negatively affected by budget cuts
Contact Assemblyman Andy Goodell’s office with your ideas, or find him on Facebook!

Assemblyman Andy Goodell • 716-664-7773
LOB, Room 545 • Albany, NY • 12248 • 518-455-4511