NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
November 30, 2006


Statement On Spitzer Reform Agenda

The reform agenda outlined by Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer is welcome news to members of the Assembly Majority, who have for years been championing legislative initiatives that largely mirror the proposals advanced today. It is extremely encouraging to me and members of our conference that we will now have a partner in the executive who will join us in these critical efforts.

The Assembly has repeatedly passed comprehensive campaign finance reform legislation that would, among other things, limit campaign contributions, ban Albany fundraisers during the legislative session and close the loophole allowing companies to surpass exiting contribution limits. In addition, we have for the last decade passed legislation to ban the use of statewide elected officials' images in state-funded advertisements.

And just this year we passed sweeping ethics and lobbying law reforms to ban gifts to lawmakers, further restrict the ability of former legislative employees to lobby and ban the acceptance of honoraria by public officials. In addition, I have repeatedly made my position clear, that all so-called member items should be specifically lined out in the budget.

Over the past several weeks, I, along with members of the Assembly Majority and key staffers, have enjoyed numerous working sessions with the governor-elect and his staff. We look forward to continuing this positive working relationship during the upcoming legislative session in order to promote greater accountability and effectiveness with all areas of state government.