Transcript: Legislative Women's Caucus, Legislative Leaders Unveil Innovative, Family Friendly Nursing and Baby Changing Facilities

Excerpt 1
For too long mothers who entered the halls of government with their infant sons or daughters had little choice but to breastfeed their children in public places. For too long, parents who brought their toddlers to this building were forced to clean and change their diapers, in many instances, on the floors of our public restrooms.

The changes today, and I am proud that the Assembly, the people's house of the state Legislataure, partnering with our colleagues in the state Senate, lead the effort that made possible the instllation of these important and private facilities.

Excerpt 2
These nursing and baby changing facilities will make the Legislature more user-friendly to the parents and the families who come here to participate in that governmental process. This should always be a priority of government.