January 17, 2010

Statement From Speaker Silver Regarding
Charter School Legislation

"The Assembly/Senate bill would double the number of charter schools across New YorkState, while insisting that they do more to educate English language learners and children with learning disabilities.

"Our legislation would put an end to divisive fights over school space by giving traditional public school parents a voice in the process when they are asked to give up classrooms to accommodate a new or expanding charter school in their school building.

"Contrary to Mayor Bloomberg's statements, this bill would place no limit on continued charter school growth in New York City. The only limits it places are on his and Chancellor Klein's unchecked ability to completely disregard the voices of traditional public school parents in siting decisions.

"It is unfortunate that Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein are willing to oppose this legislation and continue to withhold their support for New York's Race to the Top application - thereby dooming it - solely to maintain their unchecked power to displace traditional public schools from existing classroom space."

Facts regarding the Assembly/Senate Race to the Top legislation:

A New Chartering Process

Among other criteria, the new schools would have to: Other provisions that would apply to these new schools include: Charter School Transparency and Accountability Turning Around the Lowest Achieving Schools