March 27, 2012

Assembly, Governor and Senate Reach Agreement On SFY 2012-13 Budget

Listed below are the bills included in the budget agreement reached by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos:

State Operations Budget Appropriation Bill

A.9050-D / S.6250-D

Legislature & Judiciary Budget Appropriation Bill

A.9051-A / S.6251-B

Debt Service Budget Appropriation Bill

A.9052 / S.6252, approved on 3-20-2012

Aid to Localities Budget Appropriation Bill

A.9053-E / S.6253-E

Capital Projects Budget Appropriation Bill

A.9054-D / S.6254-D

Public Protection and General Government (PPGG)
(Article VII) Language Bill

A.9055-D / S.6255-D

Health & Mental Hygiene (HMH) (Article VII) Language Bill

A.9056-D / S.6256-D

Education, Labor and Family Assistance (ELFA) (Article VII) Language Bill

A.9057-D / S.6257-E

Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation (TED) (ArticleVII) Language Bill

A.9058-D / S.6258-D

Revenue (REV) (Article VII) Language Bill

A.9059-D / S.6259-D

Merger State Entities (Article VII) Language Bill

A.9060-C / S.6260-C