March 29, 2012

Speaker Silver and Education Chair Nolan Announce a
$805 million Boost in Education Aid to be Included in
The SFY 2012-13 Budget
Assembly Also Pushed Successfully to Increase Funding for the School Aid Formula, Reversing Several Years of No Increases

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Chair Catherine Nolan today announced the SFY 2012-2013 Budget agreement allocates $20.3 billion for General Support for Public Schools, $805 million above School Year (SY) 2011-2012, including $751 million more in total funding for formula based aids. This is a 3.9 percent increase, which is the first year-to-year increase in three years.

The Assembly also was successful in boosting funding for the foundation aid formula and providing financial support through a restoration of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) and for reimbursements for expense based aids. Overall, the budget agreement provides a $200 million increase above the executive's budget for formula based aids.

"In this agreement, we keep the promise to increase our investment in public education, the cornerstone of our economy; providing the greatest assistance to the neediest school districts, while at the same time, encouraging innovation and better performance," said Silver. "The increased funding for schools included in this budget strongly supports our conference's goal to rebuild the ladder to the middle class so New Yorkers can attain financial security."

"I'm proud that in a struggling economy the Assembly was able to ensure that the SY 2012-13 Budget maintained the first part of a two year pledge to increase aid to education by four percent," said Nolan. "With the additional funding, we were able to continue critical school aid programs in this budget, which will help strengthen our schools so that our students can receive the quality education they deserve."

Other critical state education programs also received increased funding, including Teacher Centers, $10 million; Adult Literacy, $1 million; Aid to Libraries, $3.9 million and the Comprehensive Attendance Program for non-public schools, $7 million.

"This budget is fiscally prudent and works within the limitations of a recovering economy, but still lives up to the Assembly Majority's long standing commitment to invest in education, our best tool for building a successful future for our children and for the state economy," added Silver.


Note: School Runs Available on Assembly Website, click here