June 5, 2012

Assembly Measure Would Increase Safety of State Roadways

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Transportation Committee Chair David Gantt, and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo today announced the recent passage of legislation that would help to increase the safety of the Empire State's roadways by requiring the examination of their performance in several key safety categories.

The measure (A.10125-A/Crespo) amends the transportation law and the public authorities law to call for the study and examination of the state's roadways and Thruway in reducing certain motor vehicle risks. The particular focus is on reducing the risk for motor vehicles:

"This summer, New Yorkers will flock to our mountains, beaches, cities, and parks," said Silver. "It is a priority of this House that all of New York's travelers remain safe. Therefore, I welcome this measure which underscores the importance of increased transportation safety statewide."

The bill's sponsor, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, said of the measure, "As the tragic crash near the Bronx Zoo just over a month ago reminded us, the safety of our roads and bridges is vital to the well-being of all New Yorkers. I praise my colleagues for passing this bill and for ensuring that attention is paid to the state's most hazardous roadways."

"In particular, this study will examine segments of the state's roadways with a high number of fatal crashes and hazardous features such as precipitous inclines or drop-offs," said Gantt. "Our goal, as always, is to ensure that our transportation infrastructure is strong and safe."

The study and examination will include, but not be limited to, segments of the state's roadways with a high number of fatal crashes, and segments of roadway with hazardous features such as steep slopes, embankments, cliffs, drop-offs or deep bodies of water.