March 28, 2013

Silver Announces SFY 2013-2014 Budget Passage, Provides $3.7 Billion for State & Municipal Transportation Projects and $159 million in Additional Funding for Local Government Programs
Fiscal Plan Includes a $75 million Increase for CHIPS and Funding for Roads, Bridges, Rail, Aviation, Mass Transit, Municipal Infrastructure Improvements, Medicaid Takeover Acceleration and State Aid to Localities

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced the passage of the SFY 2013-14 Budget, which includes $3.7 billion in funding for municipal roads and bridge projects and $159 million in additional funding to help local governments provide services and pay for infrastructure repairs and improvements.

"Even though this is virtually another flat budget during difficult economic times, the Assembly Majority advocated successfully for funding to help local governments update, improve and maintain their infrastructure," said Silver. "It also provides state aid to help municipalities provide services, which are essential to a community's ability to grow their businesses, create jobs and maintain a good quality of life for their residents."

"Working within the limitations of a slowly recovering economy, this budget makes important funding commitments to the state's transportation infrastructure, the backbone of our economy," said Transportation Committee Chair David Gantt. "Not only will these funds ensure that our highways, roads and bridges are in good repair and safe for the traveling public, but they also will help spur employment within the construction and transportation industries."

"The funding in this budget will assist the state's local governments with improving and keeping in good repair their water and sewer lines, buildings and roadways,"said Local Governments Committee Chair William Magnarelli. "Through the Assembly's efforts during the budget negotiations, we also were able to provide funds for municipal aid to help localities pay for and deliver the services their taxpayers depend on and deserve,"said Magnarelli.

The Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS), which many municipalities throughout the state rely on to help finance improvements to their transportation infrastructure, received a $75 million increase above the Executive's budget, a 21 percent increase from the previous year, for a total appropriation amount of $438 million.

The budget will provide $3.7 billion for the Department of Transportation capital plan, which includes funding commitments to the following transportation infrastructure initiatives:

Within the budget is also a commitment from DOT to the Legislature to use $16 million from the State Dedicated Fund to support non-MTA downstate suburban and upstate public transportation capital investments. Under this agreement, the funds will be available for these investments 45 days after the budget's enactment.

The $159 million in additional funding for Municipal Aid and Local Medicaid programs will provide:

The Aid and Incentives for Municpalities (AIM) program will recieve $715 million, maintaining the Legislature's local aid funding commitment to cities, towns and villages.

This financial plan for SFY 2013-14 also will provide $385 million for local government capital improvement projects to fund such municipal infrastructure initiatives as water and sewer lines, roads, bridges and other construction.

In addition, to address the shortfalls in real property tax revenues resulting from non-payment of property taxes by the Oneida Indian Nation, the budget increases the payment to Madison and Oneida Counties from $1.96 million to $3 million.

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