January 12, 2017

Speaker Heastie Announces Most Comprehensive Legislative Research Database Ever to be Available Free to the Public

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Joseph Morelle today announced that for the first time the public has free full access to the most comprehensive legislative research database ever to enable greater transparency and public participation in state government. Access is available to the public via the Assembly webpage

"These new internet resources will help modernize our website's capabilities and allow for the public to better understand proposals and Assembly operations," said Speaker Heastie. "The new database will allow New Yorkers to research and understand legislation that is currently being debated as well as track legislative history of issues."

"The Assembly Majority has worked diligently to get our chamber and our website up to date with 21st century technology," said Majority Leader Morelle. "These more advanced search capabilities allow for the highest level of transparency and provide public access to all stages of the legislative process, inviting full participation in our state government."

The new legislative research tools will allow the public to research legislation back to 1999. Bill information will also include debate videos and hearing testimony. The updates also include enhancements to daily calendars to provide additional information and for the first time ever, a resolutions list. The upgrades are expected to be available by the end of January

Full access to the legislative research database is the latest investment in technology upgrades. Last year, the Assembly implemented the use of electronic bills and tablets on chamber desks, providing members easy access to daily session calendars, calendar briefing books, instant bill lookup and other advanced search capabilities.