March 16, 2017

Assembly Budget Proposal Increases CHIPs Program Funding By $50 Million and Provides State Mass Transit Systems Additional Monies for Capital Funds and Operating Aid

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Transportation Committee Chair David Gantt and Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Chair Jeffrey Dinowitz announced the Assembly's 2017-2018 SFY Budget provides funding above the Executive Budget for several key transportation programs, including $50 million more for the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) and an additional $30 million for non-MTA transit system capital projects.

"The Assembly budget wisely invests in those transportation programs that we believe deserve additional funding to ensure the roads, bridges and mass transit systems that New Yorkers depend on daily are in good repair, properly equipped and are also operating efficiently and safely," said Speaker Heastie.

"I am particularly pleased with the Assembly Budget's $50 million increase to the CHIPs Program, which so many local governments count on to help pay for the maintenance and repair of their roads and bridges," said Gantt. "Our budget also directs additional funding above the Executive's budget proposal to the state's mass transit systems which for many New Yorkers is their exclusive form of transportation."

"The Assembly budget correctly restores the Executive budget's $65 million cut to the MTA and continues the state's long standing funding commitment to its largest transit authority, which is so critical to the economies of the five boroughs and metropolitan area," said Dinowitz. "We must do all we can to ensure the MTA has the financial support necessary for it to serve effectively its 8.5 million daily riders."

The Assembly's 2017-18 SFY Budget provides $488 million to the CHIPs program, up from the Executive Budget's $438 million, to help localities keep their roads and bridges in good repair, safe and able to meet the transportation needs of their residents. This funding is in addition to the $100 million for the Pave NY Program, which is allocated through the CHIPs formula.

The Executive budget's $65 million reduction in MTA operating aid is restored with a $65 million capital appropriation to the MTA by the Assembly's fiscal plan, which also directs funding to other key transportation programs including:

The Assembly budget also reduces the Executive budget's capital appropriation for transportation related consultant engineering by $6.4 million and reallocates the $6.4 million for state workforce engineering.

To help localities encourage safe driving and keep drunk drivers off the road, the Assembly provides $3 million to counties to support STOP DWI and ignition interlock programs.