March 21, 2017

Speaker Heastie Statement on Repeal and Replacement of the Affordable Care Act and the Collins Amendment

Repealing the Affordable Care Act and jeopardizing health care for millions of Americans is reckless and irresponsible enough. But it's unconscionable that New York's own congressional representatives are proposing an amendment that would cost New York State an additional $2.3 billion annually, decimating our health care system and jeopardizing vital state programs.

The amendment Congressman Chris Collins and Congressman John Faso have proposed would force a shift of Medicaid costs from New York counties to the state. While they and others insist this will result in savings on property taxes, New Yorkers must realize that this is a ruse. The reality is that this measure would blow a $2.3 billion hole in the New York State budget and force the state to scramble to recover the loss.

It is inconceivable that New York's own elected representatives would propose an amendment that would wreak financial havoc on the state and disrupt vital services for children, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens.

The Assembly Majority has helped relieve counties of their share of Medicaid costs. In recent years, the State has taken over the annual growth in Medicaid spending and the program's administrative costs. These Congressmen are not doing New Yorkers any favors and their actions border on political malpractice. More than one million New Yorkers could lose their health insurance under House Republicans' new health care plan. This amendment simply adds insult to injury by destroying our state budget and the critcal services we all depend on.