March 22, 2017

Speaker Heastie Calls for Millionaire's Income Tax Expansion at Rally on Capitol's Million Dollar Staircase

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Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie today joined a broad statewide coalition of labor, immigrant and education advocates and elected officials for a rally to support the Assembly's legislation to expand the state's personal income tax rate on millionaires.

The rally was held on the steps of the Capitol's Million Dollar Staircase where Speaker Heastie called for taxing those who are the most fortunate in order to help fund a range of critical services for programs that benefit school children, support health care, improve mass transit, advance transportation infrastructure projects, protect drinking water, and establish climate change mitigation measures.

Heastie noted that the Assembly's tax proposals are fiscally and socially responsible because they address income inequality and establish tax rates that benefit the middle class while also ensuring the state's tax system does not crush those who are struggling to make ends meet.

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