May 4, 2017

Statement from Speaker Carl Heastie on American Health Care Act Vote

Today the United States House of Representatives voted to strip our nation's most vulnerable citizens of the basic protections that they have come to depend on under the Affordable Care Act. Their plan would raise premium costs for the elderly, allow discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions, and threaten the accessibility of the essential reproductive healthcare that millions of women, particularly low income women depend on.

While many lawmakers in Washington try to fool Americans into believing this bill will offer millions of dollars in savings, the sad fact is that those savings will only be for millionaires. Their narrow victory represents a tremendous loss for New Yorkers and Americans alike, and we must continue to be outspoken advocates for our healthcare. We must now all call upon the United States Senate to do what is right for

Americans and worry less about insurance companies and millionaires. Regardless of the outcome of this atrocious bill in the Senate, the New York State Assembly will continue to fight to protect the care that New Yorkers so desperately need and deserve.