July 27, 2017

Statement on President Trump's Reprehensible Comments Regarding Upstate New York

President Trump's comments regarding upstate New York are beyond reprehensible. Instead of working to unite this country, he has chosen a dangerous path that will only divide us. During my travels across upstate New York this summer and when I first became Speaker, I have found that our regions have much more in common than they are different. We all want good paying jobs, stable housing, great schools, and opportunities to grow and succeed. The President of the United States should be working to put in place policies that will allow every corner of this great country to grow and prosper. Instead, he has chosen to lead us down a destructive path that pits Americans against one another in a zero sum game that is corrosive to our democracy. In my travels, I have met so many good people who want to work to improve their communities and realize the American dream. That is my commitment to people across New York. President Trump's uninformed comments are not what we need in order to help our citizens.