May 18, 2018

Speaker Heastie Statement on the
School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

Another school shooting. Another community torn apart by gun violence. More students and teachers that went to what should be a safe place to learn and grow, and instead faced unimaginable horror. My heart breaks for the Santa Fe High School community. But our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Year after year, the Assembly Majority has passed common sense legislation to help stem the tide of gun violence by strengthening background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of those who have proved to be threats.

This year, we saw brave students from Stoneman Douglas High School who faced the horrors of a school shooting stand up and become advocates. Kids who are not yet old enough to vote decided enough is enough and acted. When will the adults?

Sadly, Washington stays silent, refusing to engage in a meaningful conversation about keeping our children - and all Americans - safe from gun violence. As a nation, we must confront the reality that guns are weapons, pure and simple. It is long past time to act.