June 5, 2018

Statements from Speaker Heastie and Assemblymembers Kenneth Zebrowski and James Skoufis Regarding Senate Override of Governor's Veto

From Speaker Heastie:

"There is no need for the Assembly to take up an override of the Governor's veto of A.1625 related to kindergarten expansion. The Assembly has worked with the Governor to resolve the concerns that the bill sought to address."


From Assemblymember Zebrowski:

"For years, the Assembly has led the charge on full-day kindergarten. Working with Governor Cuomo, this year's budget finally included our funding program. However, there were a few issues to work out as our districts transitioned to a full-day structure. Those issues have now been resolved and full-day kindergarten will be a statewide reality next year. That means every child, in every corner of the state, will get the same kindergarten instruction time. Thank you to Speaker Heastie and Governor Cuomo for their collaboration on this issue."


From Assemblymember Skoufis:

"From the very beginning in 2016 when we first passed our full-day aid bill to today, the Assembly has taken the lead on making sure every kindergartener gets the comprehensive education they deserve. Some issues arose during the transition to a full-day program which, working with the Governor and the State Education Department, will now be resolved. I'm enormously grateful for Speaker Heastie's leadership, which has been critical to achieving universal full-day kindergarten in New York State."