Please feel free to copy this questionnaire and share it with others in your school, library, or community who may not have received a copy. There is space for two people to answer on each form. The results of this questionnaire will be published in the next newsletter.

1. Do you think that all schools should be required to have a certified library media specialist on staff?

Respondent 1 ____Yes ____No

Respondent 2 ____Yes ____No

2. Would you support a constitutional amendment requiring the state to provide funding to libraries at the level they received the previous year, regardless of a potential loss of population to the area?

Respondent 1 ____Yes ____No

Respondent 2 ____Yes ____No

3. Is your library connected to NOVEL and if so, have you ever used it?

Respondent 1 (Part one) ____Yes ____No

Respondent 2 (Part one) ____Yes ____No

Respondent 1 (Part two) ____Yes ____No

Respondent 2 (Part two) ____Yes ____No

4. Please comment on your answers or share other thoughts about the funding or management of libraries in New York State:

Respondent 1

Respondent 2

Note: any contact information shared as a part of this document will not be disclosed to any outside entity. Please print and/or copy this questionnaire and mail to: Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Legislative Office Building, Room 540, Albany, NY 12248. Thank you for your participation.