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On the state level...

New York State Department of Health

The Department of Health, through its Refugee Health Program, is providing financial assistance for refugee health assessments and initial adult vaccinations to new refugee arrivals to the state. Applications are for non-competitive, per capita contracts. The program is designed to: identify individuals with health conditions not observed during or developing after the overseas exam; initiate appropriate immunizations; ensure refugees with problems are referred to primary and specialty care; eliminate barriers to successful resettlement; and protect the health of the U.S. population.
  • Eligibility: Licensed health care providers throughout New York State (exclusive of New York City) who: demonstrate clinical and staffing capacity, as well as experience in providing health screenings in accordance with established protocols to all eligible refugees; employ bilingual staff or provide interpreter services; and establish connections to services not provided on site, including primary care and mental health services.
  • Funding: Contact the Department of Health for figures.
  • Deadline: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Contact:
    NYS Department of Health

New York State Department of State

The Department of State, through its Local Government Efficiency Grant (LGE) program, is accepting grant applications for efforts among two or more units of local government for the development of projects that will achieve savings and improve municipal efficiency through shared services, cooperative agreements, mergers, consolidations and dissolutions. With the creation of the LGE program, New York State is committed to working with local governments to control costs while maintaining the quality service delivery provided by New York’s local governments.
  • Eligibility: Counties; cities; towns; villages; special improvement districts; fire districts; public libraries; association libraries; water authorities; sewer authorities; regional planning and development boards; school districts; and boards of cooperative educational services.
  • Funding: Individual awards for planning projects are not to exceed $50,000. Individual awards for implementation projects are not to exceed $200,000, per municipality, up to $1 million per project.
  • Deadline: For non-competitive planning grants: Every third Wednesday at 4 p.m. until March 2011.
  • Contact: The Department of State
    Office of Coastal Resources
    Local Government and Community Sustainability
    99 Washington Ave., Suite 1015
    Albany, NY 12231

On the federal level...

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health, through its National Cancer Institute, is accepting applications for multi-institutional, transdisciplinary, translational research centers to serve as the main components of the Barretts Esophagus Translational Research Network (BETRNet). The BETRNet’s overall objective is to achieve a better understanding of esophageal adenocarcinoma (EA) biology, improve EA cancer risk stratification and prediction, provide strategies for EA prevention, and better define individuals at risk. The BETRNet is also expected to foster productive collaborations among individual research centers. The activities of the research centers will be facilitated by the coordinating center (to be funded through the companion RFA-CA-10-015) in four major areas: network coordination; data management and bioinformatics; patient registry with virtual biorepository; and network evaluation. Through these collaborative efforts, BETRNet can accelerate the integration and transformation of important research findings generated from individual laboratory-based, clinical, or population studies into clinical applications.

National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts is accepting applications for projects that focus on translating specific works of prose, poetry or drama from other languages into English. The National Endowment for the Arts encourages translations of writers and works that are not well represented in English. All proposed projects must be for creative translations of literary material into English. The work to be translated should be of interest for its literary excellence and value. Priority will be given to projects that involve work that has not yet been translated into English.

On the private level...

The Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation

The Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation is committed to providing support to organizations that help improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired. Organizations must focus on helping the blind and visually impaired realize their full potential in society.

The Rite Aid Foundation

The Rite Aid Foundation is committed to helping people in the communities Rite Aid serves lead happier, healthier lives. The foundation supports specific programs that focus on health and wellness.

Grant writing

Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Training Program is coming to New York City!

The Grantsmanship Training Program offers grant-proposal training to non-profit and government agencies.

The upcoming classes will be conducted by The Grantsmanship Center and are restricted to a maximum of 30 participants. The cost is $895, which includes a one-year enrollment in the Grantsmanship Center Alumni Membership Program. A limited number of half-tuition scholarships are available to agencies with annual budgets of less than $300,000.

For more information, to register, or to apply for a scholarship, contact The Grantsmanship Center at 800-421-9512, or visit its website at

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center has scheduled the following free training classes during January 2011:

Grantseeking Basics: Jan. 6, 8, 12, 25
Attendees will learn how the center’s resources can help make them more effective grantseekers. For beginners, this introduction to the library provides instruction in foundation research and identification of potential funders. A tour of the library will follow.

Proposal Writing Basics: Jan. 7
Attendees will learn about the basics of writing a proposal for their non-profit organizations.

Introduction to the Foundation Directory Online: Jan. 12, 19, 25
This class provides a hands-on introduction to the center’s comprehensive online subscription database.

How to Approach a Foundation: Jan. 18
Attendees will learn how to initiate contact with potential donors, plan calls and meetings, and build partnerships with sponsors. This class is intended for fundraisers who have some experience but are not experts.

In addition:

Classes are held at The Foundation Center, located at:
New York Library
79 Fifth Ave. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003
Space is limited, so register as soon as possible.
For additional training opportunities, to register, or for more information, call 212-620-4230 or visit

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