A03599 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Abbate, Rivera, Colton, Abinanti, Raia, Montesano, Crouch, Santabarbara, Walsh, Ashby
Amd 2801, add 2827, Pub Health L
Develops comprehensive assessment centers for autism spectrum disorders; provides grants for their development and lays out reporting and research requirements.
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A03599 Actions:

01/29/2019referred to health
02/28/2019reported referred to ways and means
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A03599 Committee Votes:

HEALTH Chair:Gottfried DATE:02/28/2019AYE/NAY:25/0 Action: Favorable refer to committee Ways and Means

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A03599 Floor Votes:

There are no votes for this bill in this legislative session.
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A03599 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2019-2020 Regular Sessions
                   IN ASSEMBLY
                                    January 29, 2019
        Introduced  by  M.  of  A.  GUNTHER,  GOTTFRIED, ABBATE, RIVERA, COLTON,
          once and referred to the Committee on Health
        AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the development of
          comprehensive autism assessment centers

          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1. Subdivision 1 of section 2801 of the public health law,  as
     2  amended by section 1 of subpart B of part S of chapter 57 of the laws of
     3  2018, is amended to read as follows:
     4    1.  "Hospital"  means a facility or institution engaged principally in
     5  providing services by or under the supervision of a physician or, in the
     6  case of a dental clinic or dental dispensary, of a dentist, or,  in  the
     7  case  of  a  midwifery  birth  center, of a midwife, for the prevention,
     8  diagnosis or treatment of human  disease,  pain,  injury,  deformity  or
     9  physical  condition,  including, but not limited to, a general hospital,
    10  public health center, diagnostic center, treatment center, dental  clin-
    11  ic,  dental dispensary, rehabilitation center other than a facility used
    12  solely for vocational rehabilitation, nursing home, tuberculosis  hospi-
    13  tal,  chronic  disease  hospital,  maternity  hospital,  midwifery birth
    14  center,  lying-in-asylum,  out-patient  department,  out-patient  lodge,
    15  dispensary  and  a laboratory or central service facility serving one or
    16  more such institutions, a comprehensive autism  assessment  center,  but
    17  the  term hospital shall not include an institution, sanitarium or other
    18  facility engaged principally in providing services for  the  prevention,
    19  diagnosis  or treatment of mental disability and which is subject to the
    20  powers of visitation, examination, inspection and investigation  of  the
    21  department  of  mental hygiene except for those distinct parts of such a
    22  facility which provide hospital service. The provisions of this  article
    23  shall  not  apply  to  a  facility or institution engaged principally in
    24  providing services by or under the supervision of the bona fide  members
    25  and  adherents  of  a  recognized religious organization whose teachings
    26  include reliance on spiritual means through prayer alone for healing  in
    27  the practice of the religion of such organization and where services are
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        A. 3599                             2
     1  provided  in accordance with those teachings. No provision of this arti-
     2  cle or any other provision of law shall be construed to: (a)  limit  the
     3  volume  of  mental health or substance use disorder services that can be
     4  provided  by  a  provider  of  primary care services licensed under this
     5  article and authorized to provide integrated services in accordance with
     6  regulations issued by the commissioner in consultation with the  commis-
     7  sioner of the office of mental health and the commissioner of the office
     8  of alcoholism and substance abuse services, including regulations issued
     9  pursuant  to  subdivision seven of section three hundred sixty-five-l of
    10  the social services law or part L of chapter fifty-six of  the  laws  of
    11  two thousand twelve; (b) require a provider licensed pursuant to article
    12  thirty-one  of  the  mental hygiene law or certified pursuant to article
    13  thirty-two of the mental hygiene law to obtain an operating  certificate
    14  from  the  department  if  such  provider has been authorized to provide
    15  integrated services in accordance with regulations issued by the commis-
    16  sioner in consultation with the commissioner of  the  office  of  mental
    17  health  and  the  commissioner of the office of alcoholism and substance
    18  abuse services, including regulations  issued  pursuant  to  subdivision
    19  seven  of  section three hundred sixty-five-l of the social services law
    20  or part L of chapter fifty-six of the laws of two thousand twelve.
    21    § 2. Section 2801 of the public health law is amended by adding a  new
    22  subdivision 12 to read as follows:
    23    12.  "Comprehensive  autism  assessment  center" means a comprehensive
    24  autism assessment center under section twenty-eight hundred twenty-seven
    25  of this article.
    26    § 3. The public health law is amended by adding a new section 2827  to
    27  read as follows:
    28    §  2827. Comprehensive autism assessment centers.  1. Definitions. For
    29  the purposes of this section, unless the context clearly requires other-
    30  wise:
    31    (a) "Autism spectrum disorder" means any of a group  of  neurodevelop-
    32  mental  disorders  including: autism; pervasive developmental disorder -
    33  not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS); Rett's syndrome; Asperger's disorder;
    34  and childhood disintegrative disorder.  Autism  spectrum  disorders  may
    35  include  characteristics  such  as language disturbance, social disturb-
    36  ance, and restrictive and repetitive  patterns  of  play  with  a  rigid
    37  adherence  to  sameness.  Additional  co-occurring  impairments in those
    38  severely affected may include sensory problems such as  auditory  hyper-
    39  sensitivity,  temperature regulation issues, seizure disorders, abnormal
    40  pain threshold, gastrointestinal problems,  and  psychiatric  conditions
    41  such as obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety.
    42    (b)  "Comprehensive  autism  assessment  center"  or  "center" means a
    43  center designated by the commissioner under this section.
    44    2.  Comprehensive  autism  assessment  centers  established.  (a)  The
    45  commissioner  shall facilitate the development and establishment of, and
    46  designate, four comprehensive centers for  the  assessment  of  children
    47  primarily  between  the  ages of five and eighteen diagnosed with autism
    48  spectrum disorders and  development  of  appropriate  short-term  inter-
    49  ventions and individual treatment plans which are designed to manage and
    50  improve  functioning.  The  commissioner  shall establish procedures and
    51  criteria for the  designation  of  such  centers  consistent  with  this
    52  section.
    53    (b)  The  centers  shall  utilize  an  array  of disciplines which may
    54  include but not be limited to: physical, medical and psychiatric; neuro-
    55  behavioral; nutrition; gastroenterology; motor and fitness; sleep analy-
    56  sis; communication and social; and psycho-educational. Services provided

        A. 3599                             3
     1  by the centers may include but not be limited to  the  following  compo-
     2  nents:
     3    (i)  Intensive  assessment services, including integrated, interdisci-
     4  plinary analysis of a resident's functional characteristics and disabil-
     5  ities. Utilizing a comprehensive framework such as international classi-
     6  fication  of  functioning  disability  and  health-children  and   youth
     7  (ICF-CY)(World  Health Organization 2007), centers shall comprehensively
     8  assess the range of functioning and development of children with  autism
     9  spectrum disorders including but not limited to: communication; sociali-
    10  zation; general, behavioral, neurological, psychiatric, body and medical
    11  functioning; child-environmental interactions; activity limitations; and
    12  participation restrictions.
    13    (ii)  Development of appropriate short-term interventions and individ-
    14  ual treatment plans which are designed to manage and improve functioning
    15  for the children assessed by the center.
    16    (iii) Residential services that provide short-term residential support
    17  for children admitted to the center who require a  short  stay  for  the
    18  period in which the assessment is conducted. These services are intended
    19  to provide support for the assessment activities and are not to be long-
    20  term  nor  are they to be provided in a general hospital or nursing home
    21  as defined in this article nor in the capacity of permanent housing.
    22    (iv) Educational services approved by the state education  department.
    23  Such  education  services  provided shall be consistent with the child's
    24  home school district's curriculum  and  the  educational  needs  of  the
    25  child, and appropriate to the child's short-term stay in the center. The
    26  center shall consult with the child's home school district to develop an
    27  appropriate educational plan.
    28    (v)  Medical  clinical  services.  Each center shall have the capacity
    29  on-site or readily accessible to provide for the resident's medical  and
    30  clinical  needs.  These  services  shall be available to provide medical
    31  services to address general, chronic and ongoing medical conditions.
    32    3. Grants for development of comprehensive autism assessment  centers.
    33  Within  amounts  appropriated,  the  commissioner shall provide funding,
    34  pursuant to a request for  proposals,  to  aid  in  the  development  of
    35  comprehensive autism assessment centers.
    36    4.  Reporting/research  requirements.  (a)  Each  recipient of funding
    37  pursuant to this section shall provide  the  following  information  and
    38  such  other  information  as  the department may reasonably require with
    39  respect to the center to the department, annually  as  required  by  the
    40  department:
    41    (i)  The annual number of children receiving services pursuant to this
    42  section;
    43    (ii) The average length of stay of those children who receive services
    44  at the center; and
    45    (iii) The type of programs and interventions that children received.
    46    (b) The department shall annually compile such reports on the centers'
    47  activities and findings and annually report on the centers to the gover-
    48  nor and legislature.
    49    (c) The commissioner shall assist in and encourage the development  of
    50  research  collaborations  between  the centers and relevant state agency
    51  facilities, colleges and universities and,  where  appropriate,  private
    52  research entities.
    53    § 4. This act shall take effect immediately.
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